Thank you to those who submitted their inspirational story in our contest to win Penfold’s Grange Wine. We loved hearing about how SmartConnect helped make your team more efficient and save you time and money. You make us eager to dive in and ensure continued success for our customers throughout the year.

The winner of most inspirational story is Andrea Riviezzo of Inovonics! Andrea and team used SmartConnect to integrate crucial NAV sales data into As a result, their sales reps can look up actionable, usable data – helping them engage with their customers and saving them a ton of time.

Andrea commented “we can now have KPIs which we really couldn’t prior as the information wasn’t accessible to our sales reps on the road. Even our project managers can now better serve their verticals and know a true item issue. We can see returns, warranty issues, IT calls and really get to the nitty gritty of how our products are performing.”

She continued by adding, “eOne has a cost effective solution [SmartConnect] that will make a real impact to a company’s bottom line. They are a value add partner with amazing employees that care about their customer, and that truly believe in their company and their product.”

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your story of success with SmartConnect and your kind words! Watch for the bottle of wine coming your way!