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Use Case – Finance System Integration

Ditch the manual slog. Automate from order to the bank. 

Help your finance team speed up their workflows, scale operations, and get their data right the first time. Every time. 

No manual entry errors

Efficient order processing

More high-value work

Better cash flow management

Boost profitability, save money, and make smarter decisions through automation. 

Your precious financial data is split into many siloed systems…

Whether it’s separate ERPs within different departments, standalone accounting software that doesn’t integrate, or siloed CRMs and inventory management systems, the result is the same: fragmented data and inefficient processes. eOne helps you connect the dots and get a comprehensive view of your organization’s financial health. From the tools you use every day.

Your colleagues follow completely separate processes and best practices…

Confusion and inefficiencies happen when different departments operate in their own bubble. Inconsistent expense reporting, varied chart of accounts, and multiple different billing and invoicing practices, create obstacles that block collaboration and make it harder to reconcile data. eOne brings order to the chaos acting as the bridge that connects departments, aligning processes and simplifying your financial operations. 

You have to rely on painful, time-consuming and risky manual data-entry…

If you keep swapping $1,250 for $1,520 or recording $3,500 instead of $35.00, you’re not alone. You don’t have to risk throwing your financial projections off, or misrepresenting profit margins with inaccurate data anymore. eOne streamlines and automates your data entry and helps you catch and flag potential errors. Making sure you can work with confidence, knowing your data is always accurate and reliable. 

IT is busy, resource-strapped and can’t give you the time of day…

If you’ve ever asked IT for custom integrations or reporting, only to realize they were already juggling with system upgrades, security issues and an endless backlog of tasks, we feel you. eOne helps you perform complex data transformations, integrate any ERP data, and build customized reporting dashboards in just a few clicks – on your own and without writing a single line of code.

Don’t let disconnected data clog your systems

Wasting your days dealing with any of these data management nightmares?

Why finance teams make their lives easier with eOne

All-in one data management

Get one toolset to rule them all. Whether it’s integrating, migrating or reporting on your data, eOne has got you covered.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Ready-made connections for: Dynamics 365, Salesforce, QuickBooks, WooCommerce, Zendesk, HubSpot and more.

Built with your team in mind

Easily navigate and interact with your data without writing any code. Drag-and-drop and embed data wherever you need it.

Sophistication made easy

Tackle any data challenge with customizable workflows, scripting, complex data transformations and more.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Quickly connect and extract data with prebuilt templates, configurations, and mappings you can easily reuse.

Mid-market meets Enterprise

Get the same powerful tools the big guys have. With simple, affordable, and predictable monthly pricing.

360 Degree View of Your Customer

Give your team one view and a single source of truth to view all the most important data about your customers.  Embed or completely integrate recent payment information, products owned, recent support tickets, product usage, engagement from communications, and more using Popdock’s widgets.

User-Driven Reporting & Analytics

No need to call IT.  Empower users to find answers, create reports, share data, and work smarter with Popdock.  Utilize Popdock’s reporting to view insights and create advanced queries across multiple sources to publish an API to consume in other analytics tools.

CRM & ERP Integration

Flexibly connect your accounting system with your CRM to automate your business process for customers, products, transactions, and more.  Generate data at the right time with SmartConnect and use Popdock to embed and display data in real-time between systems.

Quote-to-Cash, Order-to-Cash

With all your user data in one place, analyze the entire customer data, find opportunities, and use it to make data-driven decisions.  Utilize Popdock’s reporting to view insights and create advanced queries across multiple sources to publish an API to consume in other analytics tools.

Item Management

Remove the time-consuming manual work of setting up new items.  Bulk import your items, manage changes, and keep them in sync using SmartConnect.

eCommerce Integration

Get rid of delays, manual mistakes, and achieve fulfillment faster using eOne’s integration suite.  Connect your online experience with your accounting, CRM, product fulfillment, shipping, and marketing.

AP Integration

Get control of your accounts payable with data and reduce business costs by using eOne’s integration suite to automate data integration between your AP Automation apps and your ERP.

Expense Integration

Speed up reimbursement and improve accuracy by syncing your expense management system with your accounting system. SmartConnect allows you to flexibly connect and map the data you’d like to integrate.

Forget hand-keying, start connecting your data