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Multi-system Integration

Integrate any data with one, no-code platform

Mid-market businesses like yours deserve more than your run-of-the-mill iPaaS. Finally, you can make integration across systems user-friendly and scalable, without breaking the bank.

Connect apps, files, DBs, and APIs

Focus on innovation, not maintenance

Deploy on-premise, hybrid, or cloud

Integrate faster and cheaper, no-code

7,000+ businesses of all shapes and sizes

are integrating their data with eOne

Online Directory Service

Consumer Electronics

IT Consultancy

Software Provider

IT Consultancy

Media & Journalism

Get the right data on time, every time with SmartConnect

Full control, endless possibilities. Take charge of your data management and unlock new opportunities.

Data Sources & Destinations

Get pre-built connectors for Dynamics 365, GP, NAV, NetSuite, Salesforce, REST and SOAP web services, ODBC, SQL, flat files, Excel, folder data sources, and more.

Triggers & Automations

No more wasted time manually running integrations. Use scheduled, event-based, and real-time triggers. Rest easy knowing your data is flowing smoothly.

Mapping & Interface

Get your data in the format you need, without the hassle. Specify exactly what data you want, with both technical and display names. No need to be an expert to build and monitor integrations.

Data Transformation

With options for calculations, date functions, and scripting transformations, you can easily manipulate and transform any ERP or CRM data in a few clicks. 

Developer Options

Get powerful scripting and REST API options, to manipulate data, create calculations, access global variables, or, call integrations from anywhere.

API Access

Easily link up to your custom apps with the web services REST connection. Set up the API in a few clicks, and manage your integration from one place.

Excel Add-In

Effortlessly update customer information, transfer sales data, and more – all with just a few clicks. And without leaving your beloved spreadsheets.

Monitor Progress

Stay on top of it with advanced error handling and progress monitoring. Track failed data and receive email alerts to keep your integrations running smoothly.

Integration Tasks

Define any additional steps you need to run, like manipulating files or chaining processes together. Easily specify your required notification settings.

Your job just got way easier and faster

Tap into the power of 50+ pre-built connections and integrations
you can use to shortcut your work. 

Tap into our 22 years of obsessing over data management

Learn from our data gurus
Master data management

Get human, hands-on help
Pick an expert’s brain

Explore eOne’s Virtual Integration Solutions Empower your users with insight to do better work and make better decisions with data from anywhere.
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No more custom development bottlenecks from native options in Microsoft’s stack. Empower your IT team and savvy business users to…

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Solution Customer 360

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App Popdock for Microsoft Teams

Access real-time, actionable reports conveniently in Microsoft Teams.

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App Popdock

Access, archive, & report on data from anywhere.

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Solution Microsoft Azure Data Lake Integration

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Most modern software allows access to their application data through an API (Application Programming Interface), with the industry standard being a REST API. To use an API you really need to be a developer that can understand API documentation and then be able to write code to call and consume the data provided by the API. Popdock provides API access to non-developers. With Popdock’s REST Service connector, you can make connections to any application with a REST API without needing to know any programming language.

Popdock widgets are embeddable objects and allow you to present data, from any data source, inside of the app you work in. This is all done without writing a single line of code. Widgets have options that can be turned on/off that allow users to add filters, view related details, search, add columns, and even take action on a record (examples: open a record, run a process, or update information). Widgets help see the data you need to do your job, without switching apps.

Popdock is a universal query engine that can be used by end users across all business systems. Popdock allows those configurable queries to be displayed in a number of ways: Via Popdock’s web browser UI, in Microsoft Excel as refreshable reports, embedded within another business application where users prefer to work, as connected sensitive data snippets for end users or consumed as an API by your developers.

Unlimited. Create as many integrations as you’d like.

Connections are counted when you set them up in the Smartconnect application and save the connection.

A connection refers to any system that you want to integrate to or from. It may be a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales/CRM environment, a Dynamics NAV/GP on-premise solution, a Salesforce instance, or any of our available connections. When you create that “connection” you are then able to use it in a data source or as a destination.

In slightly different terms, think through “Do I need a login for this application?”  If the answer is yes, then you’ll need a connection for that in SmartConnect.

A couple things to keep in mind….

Test environments and development environments will require their own connections and will count towards your limit.

Files count differently.  The first time you run an integration that includes a file or folder data source, one connection is counted.  After that, you’ll have access to unlimited file and folder integration without counting additional connections.

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Purchase your subscription plan.
  2. SmartConnect on-premise is available in all the Smartconnect plans, but keep in mind that you also have access to in the subscription with dual-use rights to on-premise and cloud Smartconnect. This is handy if you’re thinking about moving all integrations to run in the cloud someday.
  3. You’ll receive onboarding communication accessing your SmartConnect license and your license activation code on the eOne Portal.
  4. Download SmartConnect and follow the steps in the documentation to set up and start integrating.

It’s pretty easy:

  1. Purchase your subscription plan.
  2. You’ll receive onboarding communication about accessing your account initially on the eOne Portal to select a few preferences.
  3. Log in & start integrating.

One of the most powerful features in SmartConnect is the ability to connect to any application with a REST API. That means that we can connect to almost every cloud productivity app, and both pull data from it and write data to it.

SmartConnect provides data integration between business applications. SmartConnect is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that is designed for the technical end user, IT team, and systems analysts. The SmartConnect platform gives you control to build, modify, and manage the integrations that connect your business software together.