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Self-Service Reporting

DIY your cloud data reporting

Your custom reports for budget analysis or sales performance are taking ages and IT is swamped? No more waiting. Easily access up-to-date information, create customized reports, and make data-backed decisions faster.

Connect to all your data – cloud and on-premise.

Always meet your reporting needs

Create reports without asking IT

Generate custom reports faster 

Access any data, make better decisions

Break down data silos across teams

7,000+ businesses of all shapes and sizes

are integrating their data with eOne

Online Directory Service

Consumer Electronics

IT Consultancy

Software Provider

IT Consultancy

Media & Journalism

Put data answers at your users’ fingertips, no matter the app

Getting scattered customer or inventory data from both your ERP and your CRM is not a walk in the park. And who has time for all the manual slog? Popdock hands you the data you need, when you need it wherever you work. Without making it another IT problem. 

Advanced DIY reporting

Get the data you need, the way you need it, without gatekeepers

Uncover insights, customize your reports, perform data translations and calculations on the fly and collaborate across teams. 

  • Search
  • Filter
  • Group/Subgroup
  • Add/Remove columns
  • Combine data
  • Use Calculations to translate data
  • Export & Share

Free up your developers time

Seriously… Make it your own on your own

Align your data, perform complex calculations, and collect what matters. Efficiently store and reuse data across different reports, and more.

  • Rename fields and columns to fit your team’s language
  • Add calculated fields using functions or scripting
  • Apply filters and parameters to refine your data
  • Create and use variables throughout Popdock for consistent data storage

Make the right data pop, with charts and summaries

Turn your data into a compelling story in a single click, with the right chart type.
Effortlessly export, pin to your dashboard, or embed the chart in other apps.

Donut Chart

Circle Chart

Column Chart

Bar Chart

Area Chart

Donut Chart

Tree Map

Funnel Chart


Handy shortcuts

Create & Share Favorites

Whether it’s your month-end reports, annual reports, or sales reports, organize them and make them easily and instantly accessible by the right people.

  • “Bookmark” your go-to lists so you can access them in seconds
  • Share lists with others so your work can compound
  • Tag lists and charts and easily navigate thousands of reports

Virtual integration

The easiest way to make data flow where you need it

What if you could pull data from Dynamics 365 Business Central, Salesforce, and Shopify, into your main app of choice, without the need for additional tools or complex coding? Enter Popdock. Simply embed the data widgets you need, where you work. No need for manual data entry or duplicate data storage.

Your job just got way easier and faster

No need to be a jack of all trades – you just need one tool to get the most out of all of them.

The easiest way for your teams to become data gurus

Make better and faster decisions when everyone can easily and quickly navigate through information, and generate clear and insightful reports.

Get answers fast, from anywhere you work with Popdock

Tap into our 22 years of obsessing over data management

Learn from our data gurus
Master data management

Get human, hands-on help
Pick an expert’s brain


Yes, you can join, merge, summarize, and compare data from multiple tables from a single source or from multiple sources. It’s pretty powerful.

No.  Popdock has a user-friendly interface to select filters based on exact values or comparisons. 

Popdock is built for end users, so you don’t have to be technical at all to use it and answer your own data questions.   However, if you are technically savvy, you will enjoy being able to handle advanced requirements with a couple of clicks or write a calculation with your scripting.

Businesses use many applications, which means business-critical data is stored in many locations. Traditionally companies would physically move data from one database to another to share data across applications. This can be a difficult process that results in duplicated or missing data. Virtual Integration refers to connecting apps without the heavy lift of moving the data. Virtual integration allows you to share data across apps by simply displaying any data from any app, inside any other app. Virtual integration makes sharing data across the organization a much simpler and streamlined process. With better data, the whole team is smarter.

Popdock widgets are embeddable objects and allow you to present data, from any data source, inside of the app you work in. This is all done without writing a single line of code. Widgets have options that can be turned on/off that allow users to add filters, view related details, search, add columns, and even take action on a record (examples: open a record, run a process, or update information). Widgets help see the data you need to do your job, without switching apps.

Popdock is a fully cloud-based application. There is no on-premise installation needed. However, Popdock can connect to data sources from both cloud and on-premise applications. Popdock data may also be embedded and displayed in other applications that are on-premise.

Popdock is a universal query engine that can be used by end users across all business systems. Popdock allows those configurable queries to be displayed in a number of ways: Via Popdock’s web browser UI, in Microsoft Excel as refreshable reports, embedded within another business application where users prefer to work, as connected sensitive data snippets for end users or consumed as an API by your developers.