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Use Case – API and SaaS Software Integration

Powerful and flexible SaaS integration for all sorts of requirements.

Connect all your best-of-breed apps without relying on developers. When your team selects a new cloud app and has an integration, migration and reporting requirement, you can say “Yes”.

Simple interface to set up API connections for specifics.​

User-friendly configuration to map, transform data, add steps, turn on and manage automation processes.​

Advanced reporting that every team member can use ad hoc.​

Migration solutions that make transitioning to new apps easier.

For the tech wizards, eOne is the magic wand.

Eliminate complex coding, boost productivity, and enjoy the flexibility to juggle data across various systems’ APIs.

One view of your customer

Give your team access to the SAAS app data that helps them do their job better with Popdock widgets.  Embed the SAAS data along with other relevant customer data like recent payment information, products owned, support tickets, product usage, and engagement from communications.​

User-driven Reporting & Analytics

Allow end users to answer questions about their SAAS data with Popdock’s advanced filtering, search, and report sharing.   Take reporting to another level with analytics to view by categories by period – month over month, year-over year, and more.​

Combine SAAS data with other apps: It’s like having the SQL-level power of joining data, but for all your apps. Join, merge, summarize and compare data when you create your Popdock lists and reports. ​

Data Enrichment

Allow your teams to make data-driven decisions, append data, and take action-based insights that Popdock widgets can provide using a real-time look at external relevant data.   For example, allow an ERP user to view CRM address information and push an update over using Popdock actions.​

Cloud and on-premise integration

Mid-market companies have integration needs across their enterprise that are completely hosted, are on-premise in hosted in the cloud, and installed in a local environment. eOne offers the tools to connect to any combination.​

Legacy data migration to cloud apps

You now have a strategy and options to work with legacy data, so you can retire the old servers.  eOne’s tools allow you to connect, and archive to cost-effective cloud storage, and provide a simple interface with Popdock to access your legacy data.​

Real-time integration

When you need integration to be real-time, eOne has options for you.  Trigger integrations, call SmartConnect on-demand to run an integration, or use Popdock to set up in minutes a real-time display of external data.

Future-proof your data management.

Powerful. Flexible. 100% configurable.

File integration

Seamlessly refresh your Excel reports and effortlessly push data from Excel to your desired destination with just a click.

Multi-system integration

Generate data exactly when and where you need it, connecting your cloud and on-premise apps. No coding required.

Virtual integration 

Make your data easily accessible and presentable within your app. Embed data as list views, card widgets, graphs, summaries, and more.

Data migration

Archive and access historical data, existing reports, and databases using Popdock. Quickly combine data between your old and new app for comprehensive insights.

Data lake management & access

Store any data in a data lake and use Popdock as the gateway for users to access, report, and share data in real-time.

Self service reporting

Empower users to find answers to their data questions with intuitive real-time reporting. Users can query data across apps, create and share favorites, apply filters, group data, and more.

Cross app reporting

Unlock better insights and work smarter by combining data from multiple apps. Use custom list reporting to join, merge, compare, and summarize data from various sources.

Embedded reporting

Embed Popdock widgets of external or related data, giving users quick access to their favorite reports and providing them with interactive options.


Businesses use many applications, which means business-critical data is stored in many locations. Traditionally companies would physically move data from one database to another to share data across applications. This can be a difficult process that results in duplicated or missing data. Virtual Integration refers to connecting apps without the heavy lift of moving the data. Virtual integration allows you to share data across apps by simply displaying any data from any app, inside any other app. Virtual integration makes sharing data across the organization a much simpler and streamlined process. With better data, the whole team is smarter.

Most modern software allows access to their application data through an API (Application Programming Interface), with the industry standard being a REST API. To use an API you really need to be a developer that can understand API documentation and then be able to write code to call and consume the data provided by the API. Popdock provides API access to non-developers. With Popdock’s REST Service connector, you can make connections to any application with a REST API without needing to know any programming language.

Popdock widgets are embeddable objects and allow you to present data, from any data source, inside of the app you work in. This is all done without writing a single line of code. Widgets have options that can be turned on/off that allow users to add filters, view related details, search, add columns, and even take action on a record (examples: open a record, run a process, or update information). Widgets help see the data you need to do your job, without switching apps.

That is a great question. Popdock always returns live data from the source, which means accounting teams can be sure they are looking at real-time data. Most importantly each report can be configured by the accounting team. Accounting teams understand their data better than anyone, so they can handle the nuances of their data, like returns, credits, voids, shipping, and tax, to ensure they are looking at the most accurate information.

Popdock is a universal query engine that can be used by end users across all business systems. Popdock allows those configurable queries to be displayed in a number of ways: Via Popdock’s web browser UI, in Microsoft Excel as refreshable reports, embedded within another business application where users prefer to work, as connected sensitive data snippets for end users or consumed as an API by your developers.

Connections are counted when you set them up in the Smartconnect application and save the connection.

Connections are counted when you set them up in the Smartconnect application and save the connection.

A connection refers to any system that you want to integrate to or from. It may be a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales/CRM environment, a Dynamics NAV/GP on-premise solution, a Salesforce instance, or any of our available connections. When you create that “connection” you are then able to use it in a data source or as a destination.

In slightly different terms, think through “Do I need a login for this application?”  If the answer is yes, then you’ll need a connection for that in SmartConnect.

A couple things to keep in mind….

Test environments and development environments will require their own connections and will count towards your limit.

Files count differently.  The first time you run an integration that includes a file or folder data source, one connection is counted.  After that, you’ll have access to unlimited file and folder integration without counting additional connections.

The app is hosted in Microsoft Azure and is available to be hosted in multiple regions: North America – US, United Kingdom – West, and EU – West Europe, and Australia.

And yes, you can certainly select your hosting region. After you purchase, the first communication you’ll receive provides the steps to log in to eOne’s Portal to select your preferences for the hosting region of your app.

  1. SmartConnect lets IT teams and business people solve business integration problems and accelerate their integration projects. It’s much more than workflow and it’s not only an integration tool. SmartConnect is a fully-featured data integration platform for non-developers to configure, maintain, modify, and manage all of your data integration points. Technical end users, IT teams, and system analysts have a simple interface to connect every type of app without code. SmartConnect also provides developer-level functionality to handle the most complicated scenarios.
  2. SmartConnect is designed with deep ERP & CRM expertise to connect every app to your core systems. We specialize in integrations for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics F&O, Salesforce, Oracle Netsuite, Acumatica, Connectwise, and Zendesk. No other integration company is laser-focused on ERP integration.
  3. SmartConnect provides Enterprise-level functionality at a mid-market price. Our pricing includes unlimited integrations and is inclusive of the features you need to get the job done well for your process. There are no limitations on the number of objects or fields you can integrate with, or how many integrations/flows can be set up. Simply select your plan based on the number of apps you want to integrate and get started. Build as many integrations as you’d like – we include unlimited integrations in all plans.

One of the most powerful features in SmartConnect is the ability to connect to any application with a REST API. That means that we can connect to almost every cloud productivity app, and both pull data from it and write data to it.

Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Oracle Netsuite, Acumatica, Connectwise, and Intuit Quickbooks Online.

Smartconnect was originally built with ERP integration at its core. Accounting systems and ERPs are in our DNA. We believe that ERPs are the backbone of every business and we specialize in importing and exporting data to your accounting system. TO os that we have also become experts at integrating to and from every business productivity software including eCommerce, Industry verticals, CRM systems, custom applications, legacy applications, and cloud applications. The SmartConnect platform is so configurable that you can connect any and all of these systems together even if there is no ERP integration involved.

SmartConnect provides data integration between business applications. SmartConnect is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) that is designed for the technical end user, IT team, and systems analysts. The SmartConnect platform gives you control to build, modify, and manage the integrations that connect your business software together.

Forget hand-keying, start connecting your data