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Product In-Depth
Facebook Ads Connector

Which Facebook ads are the most effective for your business? Are you targeting the right audience with your Facebook ads?…

Product In-Depth
Tech Tuesday: REST Connector – Request and Response Preview

Popdock’s REST connector service is one of the latest features to receive an update. The new update will allow users…

Meet the Industry Experts: Soumya Dutta and Peter Jakobsen from Microsoft Denmark

For those of us who work with D365 Business Central every day, it’s easy to take for granted the vast…

September Bootcamps in Sydney, Australia

We are so excited to send our team back to Australia! After a long wait, we are looking forward to…

Product In-Depth
Tech Tuesday: REST Optimizations

When working with a REST connector, you have the flexibility to construct REST requests and improve the performance and efficiency…

eOne Trainings at Summit North America – Charlotte, NC

The anticipation is building for the upcoming User Group Summit North America, set to take place this year in Charlotte,…


Do you know what to look out for when integrating with REST APIs? Join our experts to learn everything you…

Product Spotlight
Historical Data: How Much is it Costing You?

Data migrations. They are usually costly, time-consuming, and frustrating, especially when it comes to sorting through years of data and…

Product In-Depth
Accessing Historical Dynamics NAV Data in NetSuite: The Popdock Data Lake Upload Tool

Thank you for reading our “Accessing Historical Dynamics NAV Data in NetSuite” article series! This marks the final installment. Please…

4th of July: eOne Office Hours

In observance of US Independence Day, please note that the eOne Solutions offices in the United States will be closed…

Product In-Depth
Accessing Historical Dynamics NAV Data in NetSuite: The Azure Data Lake

In our second article, “Accessing Historical Dynamics NAV Data in NetSuite,” we covered vital steps on how to access historical…

2023 EMEA D365 Business Central Migration & Virtual Integration Trainings

Migration is more affordable and easier than you think. Your customers want access to legacy data and, until now, there…

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Let’s be real. In the tech world we live in, every team has found the perfect app that speaks their language. It fits their needs like a glove, but step back, it’s a bit of a mess to put it all together. This is where eOne comes in, and we back our products and customers to ensure everyone is breaking language barriers (and solving their challenges).

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