Super Star Car Wash was founded in 1993 in Phoenix, AZ and prides itself on providing express and full-service car washing with detailing, as well as quick lube services, convenience stores and gasoline. After starting with one car wash, they have since grown to 24 locations and continue to expand.   


Project Scope

As a small business, Super Star Car Wash had always outsourced their accounting needs. They worked with private accounts who utilized Quick Books for all recurring transactions. While outsourcing worked for a while, the business continued to grow and thrive. Super Star Car Wash knew they needed to bring their accounting back in house.

They worked with a variety of partners and eventually settled on utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ERP of choice. Though D365BC was a great fit overall, they soon found it didn’t provide an easy way to view reports on a daily or weekly basis across all 25 companies in Business Central.



After learning that Dynamics 365 Business Central didn’t provide an out of the box multi-company reporting solution they desperately needed, Super Star Car Wash began to look for something that would work well for them. 

“A consultant we were working with mentioned Popdock and its association with eOne. I had worked with eOne Solutions through their SmartList Builder product so when I heard they had a solution that might fit the bill for Business Central, I knew I needed to see it,” commented Dan Vaith, Chief Financial Officer at Super Star Car Wash.

After a small amount of training and working with a key support specialist at Popdock, Super Star Car Wash was able to begin producing the multi-company reports they needed.

The first step was creating a report to show open invoices by vendor across all 25 companies and needed to be filtered by due date, as well.

“This is a critical report for us. Popdock does something that Business Central can’t do – in that it gives us the information we need without having to log in and out of 25 different companies. It’s beyond a time saver,” noted Vaith.


Taking it a Step Further

Beyond the open invoices list, Super Star Car Wash utilizes Popdock to see journal entries that may have gone into error status – and they do this across all 25 companies, but in one report.

“We are spending time building all sorts of helpful reports we need – like lists showing which companies could have entries posted in a period that we don’t want them posted in and balance sheet reconciliations. We are saving hours of time each week – by simply having one place to view all our reports across all our companies,” mentioned Vaith.


In Conclusion

Wrapping up his thoughts about Popdock, Vaith commented “In our environment it is critical that we capture data from all our companies. With 25 of them, this product absolutely is helping us to pull data from all of those locations and saves a lot of time – because it’s not native in Business Central to do that.”

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and need a better way to work with your multi-company reports? Contact to let them know you’re ready for help from Popdock.