eOne Solutions is excited to introduce users to a new type of NetSuite integration that will revolutionize the way you work.

After working in the Oracle NetSuite space, you’re undoubtedly familiar with integrating data using an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) to connect Salesforce or other SaaS (software as a service) products.

However, one thing you aren’t familiar with is how to virtually integrate NetSuite with your SaaS products, and what you don’t know is costing you money and time.

What exactly is virtual integration? We’re glad you asked.

What is Popdock’s Virtual Integration?

As companies’ needs continue to expand in regard to integrating software applications, one of the most pressing issues businesses should consider remedying is the vast amount of time employees spend pursuing information and updating data.

On average, most mid-market companies use over 100 apps to get their work done and run their enterprise amongst various teams. This not only causes a disruption in connecting relevant data across teams, but it also costs your company an astonishing amount of time and money.

Thankfully, the answer to these issues is quite simple. Virtual integration can solve these information-access problems in a single app.

To help you solve some of the most challenging problems mid-markets face when it comes to connecting your data, eOne Solutions created Popdock, our virtual integration tool.

Popdock will revolutionize the way you access, share, and view data.

Virtual integration with Popdock is different than your traditional means of integrating data, and it can rescue your team from common information-access issues.

Using Popdock, you no longer need to migrate all your data to a new system in order to view it through the various apps your companies and departments use. Virtual integration integrates all your data from on-premise and cloud applications into a single, real-time app and is the answer for all your integrated business intelligence (BI) and daily reporting needs.

Popdock leaves all the data in their own applications, but the people who need to view that data can access it in the applications in which they’re already working.

This isn’t limited to just viewability access. You can even take action on that data. With virtual integration, you’re able to see related data, drill into the source app, update data, add comments, run integrations, and alert colleagues. It’s revolutionary for businesses everywhere.

Powerful Oracle NetSuite reporting and virtual integration features

Popdock lets you empower your end-users to access, work with, and take action on data from anywhere in the app where they work. Make all your NetSuite data easier to work with and all the relevant data more convenient to the end-users who need it.

With Popdock you can connect to all NetSuite data and connect any external data right inside NetSuite. The details that are important for your users to work with efficiently can be easily viewed in the NetSuite interface. It provides employees with the data they need from various apps.

Popdock allows you to:

  • Connect to all NetSuite data
  • Combine data and share reports without involving IT
  • Impact the cost of licensing with this type of integration strategy (it’s easy to configure)
  • Configure reports & virtual integration in minutes, not weeks
  • Integrate any source to any destination with SmartConnect
  • Select or drag and drop to create integrations using the easy mapping interface
  • Know if integrations succeeded or failed with error handling
  • Have the ability to trigger and automate when you choose. API access to hundreds of REST-based APIs.
  • Use the Excel Add-in: Push data into your ERP or CRM from Excel with the push of a button
  • Integrate with all your Oracle Netsuite data
  • Connect NetSuite with your CRM, eCommerce, inventory, support, marketing, and more
  • Access enterprise iPaaS features
  • Have unlimited integrations
  • Work with NetSuite and many other systems

A deeper dive into Popdock’s capabilities

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into how, with Popdock, you can:

  • Save time and money
  • Embed related data in NetSuite or embed other data in NetSuite
  • Combine NetSuite table data + data from other apps and create custom reports
  • Empower NetSuite end-users to self-service using an intuitive interface that allows you to add as many filters as you’d like and work with NetSuite data
  • Connect to the NetSuite data you need with lists
  • Create lists using the NetSuite connector
  • Access your data details with user-driven reporting
  • Embed and display your data in other systems (virtual integration)
  • Simplify migrations and legacy/historical data access
  • Choose when you want to integrate
  • Transform to your business
  • Move to any destination: Work with NetSuite and many other systems

Popdock saves you time and money

Over the years, we’ve noticed that customers are paying too much money for mediocre solutions. They either create a new position at their company and hire a developer, or they spend $2,000-3,000 per month to solve only a portion of their challenges with implementations that can take months or years to finish.

But you don’t have to overspend, and you don’t have to waste precious time.

Using Popdock, these types of integration problems can be solved in minutes.

Embed NetSuite data in your other apps

Popdock widgets allow you to embed any data in other applications as an iFrame. In the case of NetSuite data, a very popular use case is embedding NetSuite transactions in CRM on the related customer’s account record.

With Popdock widgets, you can virtually integrate any NetSuite data into other apps. Learn more about different ways to present data where your team works.

Is there still a need for traditional integration?

There are still situations where you do want to transfer data to the new system you’re working in or moving to, and in that case, using a wonderful iPaaS product like SmartConnect is the way to go. When it comes to the traditional style of integrations, SmartConnect (eOne Solutions’ traditional integration tool) goes far beyond the functionality Celigo or Boomi can offer.

However, there are many other instances where you don’t need to transfer that data, you merely need to see it. That’s where Popdock saves the day.

The future of eOne Solutions products and NetSuite

Go beyond traditional iPaaS. Harnessing the power of virtual integration, you can embed reporting.

Our biggest focus as a company is ensuring mid-market companies have the control and flexibility they need to deliver integrations in a way that is smart and meets the requirements for their business processes. We offer a whole suite to simplify managing data when you traditionally integrate, virtually integrate, and report with NetSuite and the rest of the data in your enterprise.

Many customers are going into the NetSuite space and we know they want to take the best tools with them. These customers that have worked with eOne for the last 10-15 years expect an incredible toolset from us and want to empower end-users with self-service. They love that with eOne tools, they can deliver fast, effective outcomes, and because of the options they have, they’re able to bring down their costs around technology and their system licensing.

All of our eOne Solutions tools, such as SmartList Builder technology, SmartConnect (our traditional data integration solution), Extender, and FlexiCoder have all made a huge impact on the way businesses manage their processes and data efficiently.

For example, SmartList Builder has been one of the most popular features in the Microsoft space, and we have ambitions to do exactly what we did in the Microsoft space for Oracle NetSuite in the next two years.

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Connect systems and view all the data you want to see with ease. Popdock enables you to view data in various systems’ interfaces without having to transfer the data over.

To learn even more about how Popdock can change the way you use, store, and view data for NetSuite integrations, contact one of our Popdock experts today. They will be happy to talk with you about your unique integration situation and questions. Call +1 888-319-3663 or email sales@eonesolutions.com to see how Popdock can help you save time and money.