This week I introduce to you Lorren Zemke, our Director of Professional Services, who took some time to answer my questions and have the spotlight shown on him.

Do you have any nicknames people should know about? 
None that have stuck for a long period of time, but the obvious one was ZMan. Somehow I got the nickname of Lorenzo which was quickly shortened to Zo. Currently, since I’m considered the old guy in the office it is Pops.

When did you start and what do you do at eOne?
I started in the winter of 2013 as the Director of Professional Services. As with most of us a eOne I do many things on a daily basis.

What is something really awesome that you’ve done lately at eOne?
Creating a solution within SmartConnect and Precipio Services PM Apply application so we can now tell our customers that, yes, they can indeed Apply Payables documents from SmartConnect (see it here).

What are you passionate about outside of work?
Attending music concerts with my wife, running and hanging out at the lakes on the kayak or paddleboard.

What’s on your bucket list?
I’ve never been a big bucket list guy but I would like to run one more full marathon at some point, preferably in a nice destination like Disney in January.

Any eOne memories that first come to mind?
I’ll go with a simple one and that would be playing doubles ping pong. For some reason we can’t get through a set without laughing really hard.

What’s playing in your headphones?
Since we are going to see Robert Cray I have the Blues playing most days.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Lorren – feel free to drop him a line at lorren.zemke@eonesolutions.com!