2020 is only days away! With the calendar about to turn, let’s take one look back at our top blogs of 2019. Drawing from our 200+ blogs this year, we’ve covered Tech Tuesday, SmartConnect Office Hours, and Popdock. Now we’re covering… everything else! Read more below.

Top Blogs of 2019: Everything Else!

10. Key Features Series: Destination-Specific Additional Columns in SmartConnect.com

by Chris Hanson

“For any integration built in SmartConnect, there are a series of generic additional columns. These are Calculations, Rolling Columns, Date Calculations, Constants and Translations – which are available no matter what destination is selected in SmartConnect. Those aren’t the focus of this entry though, instead we will cover the additional columns only available for a specific destination.” Read More.

9. Key Features Series: Build in Error Logging & Handling

by Chris Hanson

“Any integration that you setup will fail at some point, there are just too many variables with data and the end systems tied together to keep them running perfectly forever. Thankfully SmartConnect has multiple areas where logging can be used in the creation of integrations for debugging, alerts for ongoing processes, and error processing for re-running integrations.” Read More.

8. Key Features Series: Bulk, Change, & Real-time Process

by Chris Hanson

“We are focusing on the different types of data sources for an integration. Not the different systems we connect to, but rather the actual type of sources we can configure when pulling data from different environments. The 3 main types are bulk, change-based, and real-time data sources and they all provide different experiences and advantages when they are used.” Read More.

7. Key Features Series: Built-in Excel Capabilities

by Chris Hanson

“The Excel add-in allows users to run any integration they have setup and pass in the data within their workbook as a source. Additionally, they can retrieve the data for any integration they have configured and pull it into their workbook as well. The templates all give an updated user interface within Excel that pulls data in from whatever system they are connecting to.” Read More.

6. A Customer Story: Customer Integrates from Concur to GP, then Concur to D365BC

by Abbey Cooper

“We love hearing stories about customers who integrate from an outside, third-party solution to their ERP of choice using SmartConnect. What makes a story even better is when the customer decides to switch ERP solutions but are able to leverage their investment and continue to use SmartConnect for their integration needs in the new ERP. That scenario is exactly what happened with Eagle’s Flight. They began using SmartConnect to integrate expenses from Concur to Microsoft Dynamics GP and eventually used it to integrate from Concur to Dynamics 365 Business Central.” Read More.

5. Seven Winning Strategies to Ensure Salesforce Integration Success

by Luke Steckler

“The world of integration has grown dramatically over the last decade delivering Salesforce customers a significantly larger spectrum of potential solutions ready to solve virtually every possible scenario. Often though, customers could use some help on the front-end determining the toolset and technology that fits their organization best. Today, we’re offering seven strategies to help you sort things out and set your Salesforce integration project up for success.” Read More.

4. Case Study: Innovia Consulting

by Michelle Aune

“The way businesses purchase software has changed. More and more of Innovia’s clients are purchasing cloud-based software subscriptions with monthly billing. As a direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Innovia realized they’d need to eliminate manual processes to accommodate this change without needing additional operations staff.”

Find out how Innovia used SmartConnect to help.

3. To Integrate Or Not To Integrate?

by Alicia Bement

“There are so many scenarios we come across at eOne Solutions where customers want to create full integrations between different systems using SmartConnect. However, what if it doesn’t always make sense to integrate the data? What if it only makes sense to display the data in another system with Popdock? I know it may sound like we’re contradicting ourselves at eOne, but it’s for a good reason.” Read More.

2. What’s New with SmartConnect.com?

by Chris Hanson

We’ve been hard at work continuing our development for SmartConnect.com this year. We have an exciting list of new features and functionality that will be available throughout Q3. So what’s new with SmartConnect.com? Let’s take a look and see what has launched already, and what’s coming in the next couple of months. Read More.

1. The Future of SmartConnect

by Martin Olsen

“Recently, I’ve been asked “what is eOne doing with SmartConnect and what is the future of the on-premise version of SmartConnect?” This is a question to which we’ve given a huge amount of thought. We believe we’ve come up with a unique approach to providing the very best long-term integration solutions for our partners. The short answer is that SmartConnect, both on-premise and cloud, have a very aggressive development roadmap and will dominate the mid-market ERP integration space for the next 15 years.” Read More.

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