Getting Started with SmartConnect Part 2We recently posted a blog on Getting Started with SmartConnect Part 1: Setup and Configuration and wanted to also provide you an introduction to SmartConnect, it’s interface, common terms, resources for you to bookmark and good next steps for training.

What is SmartConnect?

SmartConnect makes generating new data easy and is eOne’s no-code integration, migration, and automation solution.

Here is a quick video introducing SmartConnect and its interface:

Getting Started with SmartConnect Video
Common SmartConnect Terms:

Additional Columns
Located in the SmartConnect Mapping window, the additional columns contain data transformation that include, but are not limited to calculated fields, translation tables, rolling columns, and data columns.  

Data Source
A SmartConnect data source is a connection to a store of data that is used as the source information for a SmartConnect map.

Bulk Data Source
A bulk data source is a data store that contains multiple transactions/records to be processed.  Many records may be processed in a single map run.

Change Data Source

A change data source will trigger processing of a SmartConnect map every time the underlying source data is changed.

Real Time Data Source
A real time data source will trigger processing of a SmartConnect map every time the underlying source data is changed.


A SmartConnect destination is a connection to a store of data that is to be the recipient of records processed by SmartConnect.


When multiple transactions/records are processed during a SmartConnect run, each transaction/record processed and sent to the destination is called a document.


A SmartConnect map defines an integration between a data source and a data destination.

 A task is a process (or step) that is to be run separate from the standard map processing, depending on the events that occur within the map process.  Ex: If the map fails, send an email with the errors to an email address.

Resources to Bookmark:

SmartConnect Online Manual:
 Available here as a PDF and as an online version.
eOne Events Calendar:  Available here; includes sign-up for Training, Demos, Special Events, and Conferences.
eOne Support Center:  Available here, where you can find:

  •   Forum
  •   Help Articles
  •   User Manuals
  •   Search the eOne site
  •   Submit a support ticket

What should you do next?  Take advantage of Training.

Start with the basics, and register here for the SmartConnect Essentials 101 Online Public Training, which will cover the following:

Building a map:
 sources, destinations and an eConnect reference.

Additional Columns (data transformation):  calculated fields, translation tables, data columns, and rolling columns.
Company definitions, restrictions and scheduling your integration.

We understand that our customers have different preferences as to which type of training best suits them (online, public, private, in-person training).  For that reason, we offer a variety of options for training, which are summarized in this blog article:  2017 SmartConnect Training Opportunities.

Have other questions?  Email or give us a call at 888-319-3663.  We’re happy to help!