Are you going to be at GPUG Summit 2014? This is your opportunity to become an Extender Guru & Enhance Your Data Capture Capabilities. 

Join eOne’s Nicole Albertson for a interactive course designed specifically for Dynamics GP Power-Users, IT Professionals, and Dynamics GP Support Professionals.
Monday, October 13 • 8:00am – 5:00pm (8 CPE credits)
Extender works by “extending” the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP. In particular, it is useful for extending the application to manage additional data relative to Microsoft Dynamics GP transactions or master records. Extender allows you to add windows and forms that record the data that isn’t otherwise captured by Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you have Extender Enterprise, you can also add logic to Windows and Form to perform tasks set criteria. 
Course Learning Objectives: 
• Understand the capabilities of Extender to add resources to Microsoft Dynamics GP
• Use Extender to create new windows and fields in Microsoft Dynamics
• Use the advanced options of Extender Enterprise to add logic to Extender Forms and Windows
Extender has so much to offer, so in our time together, we will explore the capabilities of Extender including:
• Creating a basic window and form
• Understanding field types
• Using options available such as auto open, required fields, etc.
• Adding Resources to a SmartList
• Creating Templates on windows and forms
• Adding Actions on windows and forms
• Adding Inquiries on windows
• Creating Extra windows on forms
• Using Imports to bring in Extender data
• Create Menus to access Extender Forms
• Using Actions to add logic to Extender Resources
• Reporting with Extender data using the Builder tools, Report Writer, Views, etc.
Microsoft Dynamics GP version: This class will be taught in 2013 but will be highly valuable and applicable to those on previous versions. 

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