Every single day, we work as a team. From sales to support to services to consulting, we rely on each other to continue to build our business. This year at the eOne Holiday party, we took a different approach.

We were given a simple task: Build a sled… with two requirements. A $60 budget, and all supplies must come from a thrift store. Here is what we came up with:

Team 1: Old Man Sled

Team Members: Michelle Aune, Alicia Bement, Rod O’Connor, Shawn Zander, and Lorren Zemke

Strong. No-frills. Made in the USA. These qualities describe the Old Man Sled, much like the guys who will be using it. No messing around with this sled, this thing just moves

Team 2: Sled Bed

Team Members: Mark Anderson, Bob Christianson, Saundra Kirby, Raymond Porter, Pat Roth, and Ross Wendlandt

Long day of sledding got you tired? Just sleep at the bottom of the hill! A quick snooze in the Sled Bed will get your recharged and ready to get going again.


Team 3: Cybersled

Team Members: Andrew Brown, Chris Hanson, Katie Soderberg, Amanda Schultz, and Dave Youngquist

The Cybertruck is about to be a thing of the past. Introducing the Cybersled, the next big thing in sled technology. The sleek design comes paired with zero emissions and a zero carbon footprint. Welcome to the future.


Team 4: To Bogan

Team Members: Nicole Albertson, Chris Dew, Jared Dux, Robert Porter, and Chui Senanayake

If precision is what you need, look no further. It’s no wonder the Sri Lankan bobsled team has endorsed the To Bogan. With precise, ground-breaking methods of measuring and cutting, this sled is engineered to order and built for speed. 

 To Bogan

Team 5: Santa’s Beer Cruiser

Team Members: Joseph Barb, Devon Binstock, Jess Green, Rob Flannigan, and Luke Steckler

Think you’re too old for sledding? Think again! This sled is perfect for adults to kick back, relax and enjoy their drink of choice. Apparently, they’re even throwing in a case of beer with each purchase, so you better buy now!

Santa's Beer Cruiser Santa's Beer Cruiser

It was a Merry Christmas at eOne, and we wish you Happy Holidays as well!