Not having the information you need when you need it leaves you wanting. Not knowing where to look for that information leaves you powerless. In a society where information is king, none of us can afford that. (Lois Horrowitz, 2007)

By far the best way to access information that is stored within Dynamics GP is via SmartList. Everyone loves SmartList.  Last week I was hanging with 10,000 of my closest friends in Houston and I heard over and over again that “I could not live without SmartList” and equally as often “I could not live without SmartList Builder”.

So I believe that refrain will shortly become “I can not live without SmartView”.   Why?

During convergence we launched the stand alone version of SmartView for the first time. For those of you that do not yet know about SmartView, it is a new way of accessing all your SmartList and SmartList Builder information  – but is even easier to use that SmartList.
Learn more about SmartView here

With SmartView Stand Alone you are able to provide all the functionality of SmartList to everyone in your organisation, including all those that do not have access to a Dynamics GP Lisence.  This is very cool.

Given you use Dynamics GP to capture so much information – why would you hide it? Whay would you make it hard to find?  It is possible to run a company where everyone has the information they need all of the time.  How cool is that. As lois Horrowitz said, none of us can afford to leave our people powerless or wanting for infirmation to do their jobs.

SmartView stand alone will be releasing before April 30 2012.