The following is an excerpt from Rod O’Connor‘s blog, Integrating with Dynamics 365 for Financials using SmartConnect

OK, I admit it.

I’ve spent a large portion of my Christmas break implementing Briware Solutions on Dynamics 365 for Financials.

Don’t worry.  I am still a huge proponent of Dynamics GP, and the GP related content you’ve come to love isn’t going away.  As I said in my previous article on the subject, I don’t see Dynamics 365 as an upgrade to Dynamics GP – but it sure has some nice features for the right clients.

While I was going through the features and playing with them with my business in mind, I realized that there are a couple of gaps for me:

  • There’s no payroll module yet.  I currently process my payroll through the Canadian Payroll module in Dynamics GP.
  • The Project module isn’t quite as robust as the solution I currently use.  I use the Jovaco Project Suite and Planning and Control modules for Dynamics GP.  Sure, I’m killing a mouse with a bazooka but my staff, my customers, and I have gotten used to the level of detail and control it offers.

In my role as a Dynamics GP consultant, if a customer told me that they had a process that was being managed in another system and they wanted the data to flow to GP, my answer would be immediate and simple.  SmartConnect.

Off I went to the eOne Solutions website to see if they’ve added Dynamics 365 as a connector yet.  The website didn’t list it, so I reached out to my friend and account manager Alicia Bement to find out when it would be added.  Alicia let me know that all I needed to do was upgrade to the new version and I would find a connector for Dynamics 365.  It’s true!

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