When we look at new features for our products the ideas come from all sorts of places. Some come from customer feedback, some from implementation consultants, some are on the list because the developers just really want to write it and others are driven by the sales team. 

This latest feature comes from the weirdest source of all – and that is Microsoft. Now Microsoft never called and asked us to build this one – but in a roundabout way they always knew we would. 

Feature:SmartLists can now be upgraded from SmartList Designer to SmartListBuilder (SLB). 

Why: It turns out there are a few GP VAR’s out there that thought it would be good to give the designer a try at their entry level customers. These customers went ahead and built a few SmartLists with the designer. It turns out that being frustrated by the myriad of limitations they went ahead and purchased SmartList Builder to complete these lists and build some new ones.

Then there was a new issue – the lists they had built were unable to upgrade to SLB and they had to start again. This scenario has happened numerous times so we thought we would make it easy for people to get the lists they started into SLB – by providing an upgrade path to SLB. 

How: There is a new maintenance form called Upgrade from SmartList Designer in the SmartList Builder >> Maintenance submenu. This form lets you select the SmartLists that you want to upgrade and when they are upgraded it automatically fixes all of the problems with them. The upgraded SmartLists have all of the fields in the selected tables with the fields in Designer displayed by default. The currency field settings in Designer are ignored and defaulted to the real settings read from the GP metadata. List fields are created correctly. The lists work for third party products and can be edited. We will not be upgrading the GoTo function in designer as it is not good enough for anyone to have had anything useful working. 

Benefits:  Lets you quickly get to the point that you should have started at – SmartList Builder. 

Are you looking to upgrade to SmartList Builder or have any questions regarding its functionality? Please reach out to sales@eonesolutions.com and we would be happy to assist you!