We are happy to announce the release of our latest SmartConnect Service Pack which is available to download here. We are committed to enhancing our products with new features and fixing any reported issues, providing you with the most reliable and up to date solutions. Below you will find the list of all of our general enhancements and new features for SmartConnect v2013, Service Pack 1.

General Enhancements

  • Task processing:
    • Ability to have a SmartConnect task stop all processing without returning an error.
    • Include processing and validation errors in post map email tasks.
    • Enabling and disabling of tasks.
    • Moved tasks and variable defaults to map setup window.
    • The Run Map task can be set to show the map run in a visible tab rather than always running in the background.

  • SmartConnect client configuration tool.
  • Added ability to view SmartConnect trace tables from within the UI.
  • Added ability to view SmartConnect entries to the Event Log within the UI (Excludes login errors).
  • Save processing errors to Excel from the Process Errors screen.
  • Enhancements to translation table columns.
  • In many places, drop down lists that contained many records have been changed to look-up window that may be filtered.
  • Real-time data source lists now show the number of linked maps, and whether or not they have been registered.
  • Administrative functions have been moved to an Admin/Upgrade tab and are password protected.
  • Ability to delete multiple maps at once from the map list.

Interested in learning more about SmartConnect and the solution it provides? Feel free to reach out to us at sales@eonesolutions.com.