We have released Service Pack 1 for Extender 2013 today. 

A Huge Thanks goes out to the customers and partners that helped us in testing a few of the fixes in the service pack.

The Extender Service Pack 1 install can be downloaded form the following URL:

Frequently asked questions:

1.  Is this a full install or just an update to a previously posted build? 

  • This release is a full install. It can be used to install Extender as a new install, update from a previous release (10 or 2010), or just to update an existing Extender 2013 install to the latest build.

2.  Can I use this install to install Extender 2013 for the first time?

  • Use this Service Pack 1 install for Extender 2013 to install Extender on each of your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013workstations.  The Installation steps in the Extender 2013 that is found at the same download URL will walk you through the process.

3.  Can I use this install to update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 from a previous release?

  • Service Pack 1 is a full install so you can be used to update Extender Standard or Enterprise from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 or 2010.  The installation and update steps in the Extender 2013 manual will walk you through this process and can be downloaded from the same link above.

4.  What if I am already using Extender on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?

  • You can install this build and it will update what you already have installed. To install it, you are going to want to run the installer you downloaded on each workstation pointing it to your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 installation directory.  When launching Microsoft on each workstation, it is going to ask you to include new code.  Say yes to include the new Extender code.  

5.  How do I verify that Service Pack 1 is installed:

  • You can verify that Service Pack 1 for Extender 2013 is installed by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – Extender – About.  The Extender 2013 build there should read 12.00.0088.

 6.  What is fixed in Service Pack 1?

  • There are multiple fixes in this build.  A couple of them include:
    • Maintaining the Detail Window data when transferring SOP Quotes to Orders and Orders to Invoices.
    • Fixes in the SQL Scripting and the use of Parameters
    • Changes to the Dexterity Scripting allowing you to call other resources that aren’t currently open.

If you have any questions on the installation or usage of Service Pack 1 for Extender 2013, feel free to contact support at 888-319-3663 or support@eonesolutions.com.