It makes sense: accountants love Excel and Business Central is for accountants. Out of the box, Business Central offers ‘Edit in Excel’ functionality but it just doesn’t cut it for most users. Thankfully if you own SmartConnect, we have a solution!

Our Purchase Order template lets you do something ‘Edit in Excel’ could never do; import a transaction! ‘Edit in Excel’ doesn’t allow transactions, but SmartConnect doesn’t have that limitation. Combine the transactional capability of SmartConnect with our purchase order template and you have a very powerful combination without ever leaving Excel! Because the template is powered by SmartConnect, you still get all the data validation you expect from SmartConnect. Every time the Purchase Order template is run, Excel gives you a success message or an error description and saves this response to a run log worksheet.

The purchase order template is free to use for every customer. Instructions on how to get the template working can be found within the Excel workbook and on the download page here.

If you need some help getting things set up, we have a service offering to getting the template up and running for you.