With the new release of SmartList Builder on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, SmartList will automatically get updated if you have it open when you save a setup in SmartList Builder.

This means there is no more closing SmartList and relaunching it to say Yes to the following message to see the changes you have made.  You can leave SmartList open and it will refresh the SmartList that was changed and display the changes.

This updating of SmartList can take a few seconds as it applies the changes to the SmartList.  It shouldn’t take any longer than it did when you had to say Yes to the message to apply the changes.  After applying the changes, it will have to refresh the data again, so if it is a large dataset, it can take time to refresh that data as well.

If you don’t have SmartList open when you save the SmartList Builder setup, it will still prompt you to update SmartList when you launch it to get those changes into SmartList.