Imagine waking up one morning to find that there was no SmartList. That’s right – every instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList across the world had been removed overnight. I would like to propose that the North American mid-market business world would suffer a meltdown much larger than the GFC.

SmartList is one of those parts of Dynamics GP that is taken for granted and mostly ignored, until it stops working, and then all hell can break loose. Working with a wide range of GP clients across the globe I have discovered that most users of GP would use SmartList every day. Many of these would use it in excess of 20 times per day. Most companies have 50+ favourites with many having hundreds and hundreds of specialised lists.

If SmartList did not work then the business would stop. Users would not know what to do. Smartlist has become such a fundamental part of daily business activity users could never imagine a world without SmartList.

It is amazing how simple things make the biggest impact. Google, for instance, provides one of the simplest web pages available on the entire internet and yet it is also the most used page on the internet. It is simple and yet most of us cannot live or work without it.

SmartList is the Google of Microsoft Dynamics GP. SmartList is simple. The user interface is simple and uncomplicated. Everyone uses it. People trust SmartList and know how to make it work.

SmartView is the new SmartList. Knowing how much our customers are reliant upon SmartList I decided to personally take all the initial support calls relating to SmartView (a bit odd for the owner of a company to promote himself to the support desk). I did this for two reasons – firstly I quite enjoy providing support and secondly so I could monitor the impact SmartView was having on our customers.

What I have found has even surprised me. Companies have hundreds of SmartList Favourites. GP Customers have hundreds of SmartList Builder SmartList. These Companies are truly 100% reliant on SmartList and SmartList Builder. When something goes wrong with one of their lists it is a major catastrophe. Dynamics GP is SmartList. SmartList like Google is simple, it works and everyone knows it.

So the challenge for SmartView is immense. How do you make Google better? How do you make SmartList better? I am completely confident that we have managed to take the best thing about GP and make it even better.

We have kept all the great things about SmartList and then added in features that customers have been wanting – without making it harder to use:

1. We kept SmartView really simple
2. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate
3. All the lists from SmartList are available in SmartView
4. All your SmartList Builder lists are available in SmartView
5. All your SmartList favorites are available in SmartView
6. SmartView is much, much faster
7. SmartView has optional functionality that you only use if you need it. (Grouping/Subtotalling)
8. SmartView has unlimited filters
9. You can cut and paste records from SmartView to Excel.

If you have not seen SmartView yet I recommend you get on board and take a look at the online videos and learn why people that absolutely LOVE SmartList are falling in LOVE again with SmartView.