Tech Tuesday articles have been a part of our culture for quite a long time, I decided to collect as many as I could through out the years and compile them all together for you to easily search through them. So go ahead and browse through them, you may find something you’ve never thought of before!

SmartConnect Tech Tuesdays:

How to Perform a SQL Trace to Debug eConnect Errors

SmartConnect Addin Office 2013 Integration Fails on Date Fields

Identifying the Source Company in a SmartConnect Real-Time Map

What version is what in SmartConnect?

Creating a Task in SmartConnect to get a file from an FTP site

Ask User for Input

Working with Date and Time Fields in Integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP using SmartConnect

SmartConnect Processing Sequence

Differences in Real-Time and Change Sources

Real-Time Folder Data Source

Line Sequence Numbering

Multi Data Source Example

Email Task Functionality

Creating and Using SmartConnect Script Templates

3 SmartConnect Features You May Not Yet Know About

A Simple Class for Accessing your SmartConnect REST API

Adding Extender Nodes to SmartConnect

Sales Order Import with GL Distributions

Sum Document Line Amounts Using Global Variables

Organizing the SmartConnect Map List

Using Multiple Companies in SmartConnect

SmartConnect Key Fields and Grouping

Calculating Dates Using Scripts

Rolling Columns

SmartList and SmartConnect

Calling the SmartConnect Web Service

New Excel Template (Again)

GP File Destination

GP and Phone Numbers

New GL Template

SQL Timeouts

Troubleshooting Scheduled Maps

SmartConnect 2012 Scripting Updates

Saved Connections, Revisited

SmartConnect Videos:

Setting Key Fields & Grouping Inside of SmartConnect Demo Video

SmartConnect Web Service Destination

Translation Tables within SmartConnect

Using Multi Source Map to Filter Imported Records – Video

SOP Map Parameter Flags – Video

SQL Task Example – Video

Error Logging – Video – Part 1

Checking User Security – Video

SmartList Builder Tech Tuesdays:

Remove all Date Formatting in Excel Report Builder

Using Drill Down Builder outside of Excel Report Builder

Using a Go To that Populates a Microsoft Dynamics GP Combo Box

Including Extender Fields in SmartLists using a Calculated Field

Table Joins in SmartList Builder

SQL Views vs SQL Script

Negative Values in SmartList Builder

What the Newly Released Extender & SmartList Builder Templates Are All About

Extender Tech Tuesdays:

Table Changes in Extender 2013

Which Build of SmartList BUilder & Extender 2013 Do I Need?

Table Links in Extender

Extender Subscription Template Video Series

How to Add an Extender View to a SmartList

Extender Window Table Links

Extender Window Inquiries

Adding an Extender Field from a Window with One Key to Report Writer

Extender 2013 – New Actions

Extender 2013 – Solutions

Extender 2013 – Improved User Interface

eXtender 2013 – What’s Coming?

Moving Extender Fields

SmartView Tech Tuesdays:

SmartView Videos

Node Builder Tech Tuesdays:

Lookup Templates within NB – Video

Publishing Nodes – Video

Flexicoder Tech Tuesdays:

Automatically changin Dynamics GP SOP distributions based on business rules

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