As we are getting very close to releasing new SmartConnect Excel Templates for Dynamics GP I am reminded of some really great features we have inside of SmartConnect. Today I want to give you a little insight into using multiple companies from your Dynamics GP implementation.

The new templates will allow you to pick which Dynamics GP company and send transactions into that company without reconfiguring the SmartConnect map each time. How did we do this? The answer is simple, inside of the Map in the Companies button for the destination. Normally in this window you would choose a specific company and check the box to have transactions created in that company. You do have the ability to create records in multiple companies by selecting each desired company. Why would you do this? Great question, and I think there are a variety of answers but here are a couple to think about.

1)  You have a master database of Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Employees and you want to synchronize those records.
2)  You want to use real-time Dynamics GP triggers to automatically create these records in other databases.

Another option is to not have any companies selected at all! How would that work? Well, we have a way to use data from your source to select which company the record should be using for integration. Let me explain a bit more, if you have a field of data that has your company id (database name) you can simply pass that in by using the define button on the companies button and returning that fields value. A simple example script is below:

Return _GPCompanyID

You can also get a lot more sophisticated if you don’t have a specific field that spells out your company id by using a case statement like below:

Select Case _mySource

Case “Far”

Return  “FAR”

Case “Gra”
Return  “GFL”

Case “Chi”
Return  “CHI”

Case Else

‘If no match is found, return an empty string
Return String.Empty

End Select

Now you can do things like bring in Journal Entries into multiple Dynamics GP companies with one pass instead of running multiple maps.

I hope today you may have been inspired to try new options in how you setup maps.


Chris Dew
Director of Product Management