I just wanted to share a message I recived this today that made me smile for the whole afternoon. Thanks to the guys at AccessTek for taking the time to send us a positive message – it really does lift the entire team.

Hey Martin!
How are things “down under”?

Kristi and I wanted to send a quick email thanking you and your team for all your support over the past several months.
As you know, we’ve been using eOne products for at least 10 years – we love eXtender!

About 18 months ago we started implementing SmartConnect for our customers – with great results.
Once again eOne has delivered a great product that has changed the way we sell and implement GP.
We have so many more options for our clients when SmartConnect is part of the solution.

And, we have to thank your consulting team.
David, Chris and yourself have been instrumental in helping us deliver some of our more complex solutions.
The initial training was very thorough and we seldom meet trainers that know so much about their product and are so passionate about it.
There is so much to know about SmartConnect and it can be used in so many situations. Good training is essential.
If we hadn’t been trained and didn’t have ongoing assistance from your Support folks then we wouldn’t be able to realize the power of SmartConnect with our clients.

It is so great to be able to rely on your “gurus” when we need them. Your Support team is always responsive and patient and friendly.
On occasion we have run into complex issues with client environments that involve web services, Active Directory, Domain Admin’s, Excel Addins or massive volumes of data and the eOne team is always ready to help us troubleshoot any issue.
Best of all, they always provide a resolution.

Please thank your team for us as they are really an integral extension of our consulting team.
They help us deliver creative solutions that work for our clients.

Thank you, again, to you and your team!
And, thanks for the awesome products!!

Shaun and Kristi
AccessTek, Inc.