GP is an average tool that needs all sorts of addons to make it work? Do you believe it? This statement can be true to a prospect if you demonstrate Dynamics GP poorly. This statement can be true to a prospect if you let a regular consultant do a GP demo.

Dynamics GP is a term that covers a huge amount of functionality. For an implementer GP is made up of General ledger, Business Portal, SRS, Business Analyzer, eCommerce, Extender, Excel Report builder, Audit Trails, SOP, POP, SmartConnect, MFP, Dashboards, AM, BE and on and on and on. As implementers and developers of GP we divide it up into all of these categories, modules and components of a manageable size.

When it comes to sales it has to be different. Prospects and end users need not be exposed to our internal jargon about GP. Dynamics GP is Dynamics GP – and contains all of the above components. In presales we should speak of the power of GP and show how awesome GP is. We should never use any of the jargon we use when communicating with our experienced implementers. In presales our job is to show all of the required components of GP in one seamless and streamlined flow.

Here are some presales questions and how they should be answered”
Q. How do I add additional fields in GP?
A. What sort of data would you need? Look how easy it is with GP.

Q. Can see my data live in Excel?
A. absolutely, look at this report and if I add a new record in GP like this, there it is in Excel immediately.

I think you get the point. I would never use the word eXtender or Excel Report Builder. This is what GP does and it is awesome is the message we need to get across. Just because in our heads we break it all up into bit size pieces does not mean we should baffle the prospect with our wealth of knowledge.

Sometimes I get the feeling that beacuase we all know GP so well and have seen it develop and expand over 10 or 15 years – we speak about it in terms of components and modules. If we were to start out today to learn how to demo GP for the first time – having never seen GP before – we would accept that all the moving parts that make up GP really are GP. Do not let your deep knowledge of GP confuse our prospects and customers. Our job is to take all this great functionality, package it into a solutions and amaze our prospects with how sexy this thing called GP is. If we do not represent the true power of GP, our competitors will present inferior products in way that make them appear more streamlined and connected than Dynamics GP.

Do not let it happen.