This past weekend some of our team members had the opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend Fargo 2015.

For those who might not yet know,  Startup Weekend is a international series of 54 hour long events, where entrepreneurs, technical gurus, and anyone with a problem or a passion can pitch an idea, join a team, and then spend the bulk of the weekend building a solution. 

80+ people came together to share startup ideas including our own Chris Dew, Amanda Schultz, Bob Christianson, and Nick Waverek. 

Working as a small team, they were able to pitch, plan, build, present the winning idea! The obvious project would have been to do something related to CRM data integration or something ERPish, but it’s good to get out of your element now and then and try something new.

Being that their group had 5 dads in the mix, the idea they settled on was a seemly simple solution to a problem that many parents face. They built a collaborative application and web platform that childcare providers and parents can use together.

The passion and drive that comes out an exercise like this is remarkable, and it’s something that all businesses should encourage for their employees. We could not be more proud of our team for their efforts and look forward to incorporating their experiences with our work at eOne.