Last week the Dynamics GP Tech Conference was full of in-depth technical learning and networking with passionate and dedicated Dynamics GP community members–thank you to Dynamics Communities, the event community, and attendees for another great event!

After eOne’s Smartner party at the #GPTechConf last Tuesday, we noticed there were a few questions that kept coming up, so we compiled and thought we’d share:

1.  What’s up with Martin’s man-bun?  

Not sure, but he sports it well.  Perhaps it’s an Aussie thing? 🙂

2.  What’s new at eOne?  

Many good things.  We’re working hard on our new product, Popdock (to build and manage lists/”small data” from any business app), we’re deep into QA of our online version of SmartConnect, and we’ve dedicated resources to building and releasing integration templates.  Check out our updated marketplace of SmartConnect integration templates – all configurable and available for download here.   

3.  When will the online version of SmartConnect be available?

Our QA team is deep into testing of our online version of SmartConnect, which will run on Microsoft Azure.  Very exciting stuff as we help our partners deliver completely online as well as hybrid integration scenarios.  We will be introducing a preview of our online version of SmartConnect with Dynamics 365 integration at Directions North America in just a couple weeks.  As always, we’re very particular and detailed to ensure we have a product that is fully-featured and thoroughly tested before releasing to market.   We’re planning to unveil our beta-friendly version to partners at Summit 2017.

4.  Will eOne’s products be compatible with GP 2018?

Yes.  We are currently in Microsoft’s beta program for Dynamics GP 2018.  Prior to Microsoft’s release, we will actively test eOne’s products with Dynamics GP 2018, and then once Dynamics GP 2018 RTM is released, we’ll re-test to ensure proper compatibility and that we release the best version of our products.

5.  Who presented the Integration Best Practices session about integrating CRM and other data sets?

Planning GP – Dynamics 365/CRM Integrations Session

You’re thinking of Mark Anderson, one of our Senior Technical Consultants at eOne.  He discussed best practices when you’re defining your GP – CRM integration and how an “easy” integration can evolve when you really get into each customer’s unique business process.  

If you liked this session, you’ll love our SmartConnect integration bootcamps where Mark and our training team take this exercise to the next level and go into specifics on integrating GP, Dynamics 365/CRM, cloud apps and other data sets.   See our 2017 SmartConnect Bootcamp schedule here.

6.  eOne is based in Fargo?  Where else does eOne have offices?

eOne Solutions has offices in Fargo, ND, Austin, TX, and in Sydney, Australia, which is where our company was founded in 2001.  

7.  What other events does eOne plan to attend this year?

We have a busy event schedule in the fall.  Our major events/conferences include:

If you’re hosting an event and would like eOne to attend, please email with the details.

8.  Who was in the in the Bob, the SmartList Builder, costume?

Ah yes…Bob the SmartList Builder.  Bob knew he had other #SmartnerParty experiences to live up to, so he prepared…


Bob the SmartList Builder danced…

Bob the SmartList Builder socialized…

And when it was all over, Bob the SmartList Builder was tired.

Bob the SmartList Builder was played by none-other than our newest team member and customer success manager, Chui (Chulaka Senanayake), who was nice enough to wear the Bob costume in the Fargo heat.

Thank you to all who came out for the #SmartnerParty and spent time with eOne at the Dynamics GP Technical Conference.  If you have any other questions, feel free to chat with us or email us at