Some Microsoft Dynamics GP users may have started their reporting journey by using the free, SmartList Designer tool to accomplish all they thought they needed – in terms of creating custom SmartLists and reporting on their data. They quickly learned that was not, in fact, the case. They needed a more robust tool to build mission-critical SmartLists; they needed a tool that allowed them to build lists on ALL their data. SmartList Builder has long been the go-to reporting solution and these Microsoft Dynamics GP customers quickly realized it’s what they needed. 

While SmartList Builder provided the help the former SmartList Designer users needed, those users found they had to spend time rebuilding their old reports. It was a frustrating task. You know, one of those where you kick yourself thinking ‘why did I ever start using SmartList Designer in the first place?’ 

We knew a solution was needed to move SmartList Designer reports to SmartList Builder.

We’re happy to report that we’ve eliminated those frustrations by adding a feature to SmartList Builder called the Upgrade from SmartList Designer tool. Companies who formerly used SmartList Designer and want to move all their reports to SmartList Builder can by selecting the lists to convert and hitting process from within the SmartList Builder menu structure.

The Upgrade from SmartList Designer tool is a new feature available with the latest version of SmartList Builder (version 18.00.0008 for SmartList Builder 2018 and 16.00.0031 for SmartList Builder 2016). There’s no extra charge, simply start converting your reports as soon as you install the latest version of SmartList Builder.  

Dive into the details of the upgrade tool by viewing the SmartList Builder manual

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