To say the least, Microsoft’s WPC 2015 instilled great confidence in its ecosystem and as some say, it’s clear that “Microsoft still has its mojo.” At WPC 2015, Microsoft debuted some pretty amazing technology, that, when brought to business and the consumer, will reinvent process and productivity.

If we were to highlight three key take-ways, we would share the following:

WPCIOne Microsoft

During the first day of WPC, Satya Nadella began the keynote anchoring Microsoft’s mission, “Empowering every organization on the planet to achieve more.” In a mobile-first, cloud first world, from a product strategy perspective, Microsoft’s aim to re-invent business process and productivity means Microsoft is looking “…to bring together everything that is related to communication, collaboration and business process, and blend them together.” They have re-aligned their teams across the board to deliver on this mission and goal, and would like to bring products like Office365 and Dynamics together– offering them as a service and continuing to make them more extensible, so people can integrate with them.

Microsoft is all in with the CloudWPCII

Though this is not a new concept in the Microsoft world, Microsoft was very transparent for how they are looking to re-define personal computing and the way we do business with an intelligent cloud. Microsoft is making a serious push for partner participation in their CSP (Cloud Service Provider) program, which focuses on selling and supporting Office365, Windows Azure, the Enterprise Mobility Suite and now, CRM Online (new to the CSP solution portfolio this year) – which we are very excited about!

There was also a lot of talk about the Hybrid Cloud, which we know is very important for our customers being that many businesses strategically use a combination of on-premise and cloud applications. We’re looking forward to the opportunity ahead as today, our customers can integrate with many cloud applications and will be able to integrate with many more with the new updates coming in our August release for SmartConnect.

New, Innovative TechnologiesWPCIII

Microsoft showcased a number of very impressive technologies that will take collaboration and productivity to the next level. Solutions like Cortana Analytics Suite and Gigjam Project allow for easily sharing and analyzing information across teams from business applications like Microsoft CRM and other systems of intelligence. With its upcoming release, Windows 10 was certainly highlighted and our favorite demo was the unveil of Halolens. Halolens uses a holographic computer to deliver a 3-D experience — it certainly will have many applications in engineering, health and other disciplines.

All-in-all, WPC 2015 was an excellent event. We were excited to connect with our existing partners, meet with new potential partners, and to learn about the opportunity for SmartConnect in the Dynamics CRM and ERP spaces as we continue to make it a more flexible, easy-to-use integration, data migration and automation platform.

To learn more about SmartConnect and our partner program, reach out directly to our sales team by emailing sales@eonesolutions.com.