zd-crm-blueOver the past few months, we have been working closely on a special project with Zendesk. The mission:  Architect, Develop, and Deliver an updated Integration between the Zendesk platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. About 5 years ago, Zendesk saw the momentum that Dynamics CRM was accruing and invested significant time, energy, and resources to connect the systems. Fast forward to today, Dynamics CRM continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, and the desire to do more between the platforms has grown as well.

When they recognized the need to update and expand the integration, they came to eOne to leverage SmartConnect and build the next wave of Dynamics CRM integration. Building real-time embedded integrations is nothing new to our team, we’re proud to have helped deliver several other ISV integrations and standalone applications using the SmartConnect Platform, often packaging it all up in a turn key “white-labeled” solution. 


The Dynamics CRM Add-In for Zendesk

This time it’s a little different though. Zendesk has seen the capability and passion for CRM integrations from our SmartConnect team, and because our visions aligned, they simply asked us to take the lead. Starting out, they’ve transitioned the existing in-house integration they’d built over to our product development team. Our first priority is to upgrade the existing solution to be compatible with Dynamics CRM 2015 and to ensure continuity of access for all existing companies that rely on this solution. All existing customers that use the integration solution will be able to continue to use it for no cost and we will continue to provide free email and phone support for all of these customers. You can signup for the current version of the integration in the Zendesk Marketplace.

The next phase of the partnership will be expanding the embedded interfaces within the two platforms, and providing a simple yet configurable way to display any information as well as take action from one system to another. We plan to release the 2015 integration solution during September after some strenuous quality assurance reviews and a short beta. Once launched, the updated offering will be available for $50 per month in the Zendesk Marketplace.  

Zendesk is still extremely committed to offering an integrated solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and through this partnership the integration will receive significantly more focus and attention with SmartConnect at its core.We couldn’t be more proud to publicly announce this partnership, and to be working with such a customer centric organization as Zendesk.

You can view the official press release regarding the partnership here , and any questions can be directed to zendesk@eonesolutions.com.