eOne Extender Intro

Every business is unique which is why no two organizations can use Microsoft Dynamics GP or any other ERP system in exactly the same way. Extender is the tool that allows you to maintain your uniqueness and do business the way you want. Extender allows you to capture the exact data your business needs -- without having to call in a programmer and spend large amounts of money. Without writing code, you can build new screens anywhere in GP to capture the data you need. Each field you add is user defined, and you determine whether it should be a string, a number, a GP account, or any of 15 other field types. This makes reporting off your data easy as you always know it will be stored in a prescribed format. Whether you prefer to report with SmartList, SmartView, SQL reporting Services, or your favorite BI tool you are all set to include all the data you capture within Extender. The big brother product, Extender Enterprise, is the fully featured version of Extender. You can not only capture your data, but add your own business logic and processes to that data and then gives you total control over what happens to the data you capture. Extender Enterprise lets you embed dexterity code behind the new screens you create - meaning you can do just about anything you dream up.