Extender is a Dexterity Developers Best Friend

Extender allows a developer to focus on creating business logic for Dynamics GP enhancements versus spending time creating the base components required by additional data. With Extender, development and testing time is improved where once a script exists and changes are made, there is no need to exit GP and log back in. Save the script and the changes are available immediately. Querying, viewing or changing data is a few clicks away with built in Extender Updatable Views. 1. Change and execute dexterity scripts immediately 2. Don't have to create custom tables 3. Data views can be created automatically a. Able to easily handle data to Smart Lists using Smart List Builder b. Able to write integrations using Smart Connect without writing code 4. Deployment to a customer site is a simple process a. Export the Extender solution and import on the customer site. b. Once the user logs into Dynamics GP the code is immediately available to them.