I will give you 8 reasons for Dynamics GP users to attend the FREE eOne Event in September.

What are you those you say? Well, they are 8 sessions where you get to hang out with yours truly.

SmartList Builder: Building your own SmartLists from Scratch + Tips for Pro’s

  • Everyone has new lists they want in SmartList. In this session, we will create a new list, and give you a few tips on how to get started.
  • Tuesday 11:30 (30-minute session)

Building a SmartList GoTo

  • GoTo’s can make life easier for us by creating that link across our data. We will spend this dedicated 15-minute session to using just the GoTo feature in SmartList Builder, and how to pass the data from our SmartLists to other locations.
  • Tuesday 1:15 (15-minute snack)

SmartList / SmartList Builder for Business Central

  • Are you moving to Business Central? Or maybe you already have? We will show you a way to bring SmartList and SmartList Builder into your Business Central environment and keep you using the tools you love.
  • Tuesday 1:30 (30-minute session)

Microsoft GP Lifecycle

  • Terry Heley from Microsoft joins me to walk through the GP Lifecycle and show you how eOne is integrating with that lifecycle.
  • Tuesday 2:00 (60-minute session)

Applications in GP is still a great idea: Building solutions from scratch

  • There are times when you will need to customize Dynamics GP. We will show you how Extender can help us build a new solution from scratch and offer a few tips as we go.
  • Tuesday 3:30 (60-minute session)

Excel Report Builder & Your GP Data

  • You may know about SmartList Builder, but did you know it includes a tool to build your lists directly in Excel and make them refreshable? We will show you how all this is possible, and how you can use the SmartList Builder knowledge you already have to make it easy.
  • Wednesday 11:30 (60-minute session)

Build a Window

  • Let’s build a window in Extender together and see how easy it is to do. Extender makes everyone a GP developer and we can make it happen in 15 minutes.
  • Wednesday 4:00 (15-minute snack)

Smart List Builder: My First List

  • Building your first list in SmartList Builder can be a daunting thought. We will show you how easy it can be and take away the fear of getting started.
  • Wednesday 4:00 (15-minute snack)

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OK, maybe those 8 reasons are my sessions at the eOne Event. Let’s give these 8 great reasons a try:

  1. Sharpen your Skills – Sometimes you need to take a step away from the “work” in your work to improve your skills. I find that when I return from events, I return with new ideas and new ways to approach my day that make me more effective. Don’t be the one that misses out on the great ideas to sharpen your skills with the eOne products.
  2. Meet the Experts – At our event, you will get to spend time with the experts on the tools you use in your work. It is always great to be able to learn from those that know the topics the best, and share in their knowledge.
  3. New Tools – You will have the opportunity to learn about tools you may have not seen before; tools that can change the way you do everything. Think of how great it would be to find something new that frees up your time, makes you less prone to mistakes, or gives you a new way to make business decisions. While you can always learn about the products on the eOne website, it is great to see them in action and ask questions about them.
  4. New Tips & Tricks – While searching the web may put the knowledge at our fingertips, but it is often overwhelming and keeps us from the best information. Attending the eOne event brings all the material together for you in one place. It also gives you the opportunity to hear from others, and give you new ideas on how to use the knowledge you already have.
  5. Re-Focus – While you will learn new things, it is also important to re-focus on what you already know. Sometimes we get so focused on what we have done in the past that we forget to use what we know to improve on our daily tasks.
  6. The Fluke of attending a Random Session – Sometimes the best sessions are ones you didn’t plan on attending! Give yourself the chance to learn something new. While you may not directly use the knowledge you learned, it gets your mind thinking about something you do, and helps you come up with fresh new ways to do them.
  7. Invest In You – This one is pretty obvious, but sometimes we have to be reminded to do it. We have to admit that we are worth it and that we can always learn something new. Taking the time to attend is an investment in yourself, your career, and the company.
  8. Have Fun! – It probably isn’t the most important reason of the eight, but we have to include it. At eOne, we like to try to have a little bit of fun. While that might be hard in an online conference, we are still going to try. We are celebrating 20 years, and if that isn’t reason enough for fun, what is?


We get that events can be “expensive” even when they are free to attend. The time away from work is hard to justify. However, the knowledge you will obtain can help bring time back for you in the future. And if you can make the time, the confidence you gain in your abilities and the fresh ideas you will gain can be worth the investment.

Next Steps

While I can always hope for it, I know just getting to hang out in sessions with me may not be enough to make you attend. I know that adding in all the other sessions we are hosting will. Please check out the full agenda for the eOne Event and set aside the time to join us.

Register here for the eOne Event 2021

Date: September 13 – 15, 2021
Place: Online
Time: 9am – 5pm CDT (UTC-5)
Cost: The investment of your time
Cost in $: FREE! 

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team at sales@eonesolutions.com