Microsoft are upset with us. As an ISV, Microsoft usually leaves us alone and we both happily go about our business. However, recently we had a call with Microsoft. They gave us some very candid and surprising feedback that we were not prepared for.

“What’s wrong with you guys? Please do a better job telling the channel that eOne offers Smartlists for Business Central. This is a critical functionality for every customer migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central”.

After some reflection, we were horrified when we realized that they were correct.  We took the feedback to heart, and we are now making this our primary focus for the next two quarters, beginning with the Q2 Partner All Hands Call.  

Register here for the Q2 Partner All Hands Call on Wednesday, May 12th at 10:00 am, CT.

While we’ve seen a lot of excitement around the “Virtual Integration” capabilities (embedding & displaying business data anywhere) with Popdock, the Smartlist functionality provides so much power for the everyday user. Popdock allows users to combine any set of Business Central tables (with dimensions) as well as 50+ external data sources. The easy interface of Popdock lets users work with the data including filters, totals, subtotals, adding columns, drill downs, exports, view as a graph, and more.  

Join us for eOne’s Q2 Partner All Hands Call where we’ll:

  • Show you why accountants love and need Smartlists for Business Central.
  • Introduce you to new eCommerce & 3PL integration options in SmartConnect.
  • And, provide a quick update on Q2 Promotions, new sales tools, upcoming bootcamps, eOne Coffee Connect & eOne’s 2021 event.

Click here to join us for this one-hour call. If you can’t attend the call at that time, still sign up. We will send the recording to all registrants.

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