Oh My – now this is getting wild!

You speak – we listen. We have always positioned SmartConnect as the one stop integration and automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP. We always have been and remain 100% focused on GP. To achieve this goal we listened to our partners who said ‘not all our customers use Microsoft CRM – but they still want their CRM and GP integrated. We want to use SmartConnect for this integration but there is no way with SC to read and write from the hosted Sales Force application’.

SmartConnect is now your solution to integration with Sales Force.com. If you are a GP reseller then you have no need to look for an alternate tool for these clients – you already have it and your consultants know how to use it.

We leveraged all our Microsoft CRM online experience to build the easy to use SalesForce.com components. Whether you want one way, two way, real time, batch based or change tracked integrations between SalesForce and GP – SmartConnect is the answer. So when your customer says we need to integrate GP and SalesForce you can smile with confidence and offer a fantastic solution. There is no longer any need to scare you clients with the costs, or frighten your consultants with the complexity of a tool like Scribe.

eOne is more than ever your one stop GP integration and automation shop! Most exciting is that there is no extra charge for the Sales Force destination – it is all bundled into the single price of SmartConnect.