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General Session

Stop Writing Code: Go Best of Breed with the eOne App Data Management Platform
Sunday, April 16th, 12:45 p.m., EST | Room: Windsong Ballroom 5 – 12 | Presented by Martin Olsen, Mary Charuhas, Michelle Aune, & Alicia Bement

Your D365 Business Central customers have at least 15 business productivity apps and these best-of-breed apps have created a data silo problem.  Your customers want you to solve this problem.  eOne’s app data management platform is totally configurable to deliver amazingly creative solutions. Integrate data where you need to. Embed and display data in any of their apps through virtual integration. Configure reports on Business Central data – but also include CRM data or data from any of those other 15 apps.  We know Business Central doesn’t do everything – but you can make it feel like it does. With eOne’s App Data Management Platform, you can deliver a fully integrated experience to the end user, without writing code. eOne takes the struggAL out of integrations, virtual integration, and reporting. 

ISV Sessions

Don’t Let Custom Integration Become Your Bottleneck
Monday, April 17, 1:30 – 2:00 p.m., EST | Room: Windsong 1-2 | Presented by Chris Hanson & Martin Olsen

Data silos create problems for every customer and partners need a strategy to solve them, so custom integration does not become a bottleneck to winning Business Central projects.  

eOne gives you the data management suite that goes beyond traditional iPaaS, so you can say “yes” to custom requirements. In this session, eOne’s team of data integration experts will walk through the most common data problems we see connecting Business Central with best-of-breed business apps and how your consultants can solve them. 

Filling Business Central’s Reporting Gaps
Tuesday, April 18, 10:30 – 11:00 a.m., EST | Room: Windsong Ballroom 3-4 | Presented by Chris Dew & Alicia Bement

It’s no secret. Microsoft’s out-of-the-box reporting solution for D365 Business Central just doesn’t cut it. With today’s “best of breed” approach, the need for an all-encompassing reporting tool for end users has never been greater. That’s where Popdock comes in. Your customers will never need to leave Business Central again.  

In this session, you’ll learn how to create optimized Business Central queries without code, combine as much data as you’d like, and create & share custom reports without writing code.

Breakout Sessions

A Deep Dive into Dataverse Integration with D365 Business Central
Monday, April 17, 4:00 p.m., EST | Room: Regency 8-9 | Presented by Chris Hanson

We all know that Microsoft has an out-of-the-box integration between Dataverse and Business Central. But what does that mean? What’s included? How flexible is it?

In this session, we will review exactly what the integration offers, how much of it you can change, and what options are available if it isn’t enough.

Data Lakes 201: Why Your Customers Need a Data Lake and How to Deliver It
Monday, April 17, 6:00 p.m., EST | Room: Poinciana ABC | Presented by Chris Dew

Migration can be hard and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Your customers can store and report on their data directly from the Azure Data Lake. As a partner, you need to support their migration and maintain their Data Lake.

How to Conduct an ‘Integration Strategy’ Review with your Customers
Tuesday, April 18, 3:15 p.m., EST | Room: Magnolia ABC | Presented by Martin Olsen & Rod O’Connor

If your customers do not have a Business Central integration strategy, you are failing them.

Your customers need to know all the options that are available to them. We will show you how you can discuss integration strategy with your customers and what their options are.

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