With Extender 2013, some of the common Extender Windows will have the Key Fields that are generally needed default for you when the window is selected.  These keys can always be changed if needed.

What are the Windows that will default the Key Fields?

As of right now, here is the list of windows that will default the keys for you.


  • Batch Entry
  • Checkbook Maintenance
  • Account Maintenance
  • Unit Account Maintenance
  • Variable Allocation Maintenance
  • Account Summary
  • Transaction Entry
  • Budget Maintenance

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Customer Inquiry
  • Customer Address Maintenance
  • Sales Transaction Entry (header and lines)
  • Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom (header and lines
  • Salesperson Maintenance
  • Sales Territory Maintenance
  • Receivables Batch Entry
  • Sales Batch Entry

  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Vendor Address Maintenance
  • Vendor Credit Summary
  • Vendor Inquiry
  • Payables Batch Entry
  • Purchasing Batch Entry
  • Purchase Order Entry (header and lines)

  • Item Maintenance
  • Item Inquiry
  • Inventory Batch Entry

  • Employee Maintenance
  • Employee Summary
  • Employee Inquiry
  • Position Setup
  • Department Setup