It has been a marathon effort from the team at eOne to get this Extender 2013 release to market. You can now download Extender (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender) from the eOne website.  Thanks to everyone for the patience and for holding off upgrades where necessary.

Now that we truly have our hands back on Extender, we took this chance to do a number of things:

  1. Merge Extender Standard and Extender enterprise into a single dictionary and code set
  2.  Reg keys will determine the functionality available to the users
  3. Debranded form previous version
  4. Make major enhancements to the eXtender code – Check out our feature of the day articles in this blog
  5. Changed the links to SmartList from being inside SLB to being inside Extender
  6. Changed the table structure behind eXtender to make it work significantly faster.  

It has been a major release, and we are really excited about delivering this to our customers. Please do read the release instructions and manual carefully before upgrading to ensure you follow procedure.

 There is no time to relax though as we are now pushing forward with our eXtender Enterprise release – which will be available in 3-4 weeks from now.