We all have “something” that we need to store inside GP that we may currently have sitting somewhere else.

Coming from 13 years of banking experience and never using GP, I recently attended a training class where I was literally blown away by how powerful yet simple the tool Extender can be. Even as a user without deep GP experience, I was able to create Windows and Forms in GP. So if you thought you had to be a developer to do so – you are absolutely wrong! These windows can be set up to open based on certain conditions that you set up and also can be linked together. You have 17 different types of fields within these windows that you can add.

I was able to create 4 different types of Extender windows within 10 minutes….wow – it was that easy and quick! One of the windows that I created allowed me to store the tracking number and linked me to the website to check on the status of shipping….now how cool is that?! Another window I created allowed me the ability to distribute per line item off my invoice to different vendors. You have endless possibilities!

So where is the data? If you don’t have the ability to report on the data that you’re capturing what good is it anyway? All the data is stored in your GP company database in predefined tables that can easily be viewed in SmartList or even better, SmartView.

What if you want to do something other than just capture the data? It’s your lucky day! We have our Enterprise version that has the logic built into it to do things with your data.

And, by combining Extender with SmartConnect you are installing the pre-built set of eConnect nodes that will allow you the ability to import data into your Extender Windows or Forms.

I’m sure by now you’re day dreaming about the endless possibilities that Extender can do with your “SOMETHING” that’s sitting out in no man’s land.

Let us know if you’d like to explore Extender further or sign up for one of our weekly public demos here.