We always knew that the transition of nearly 5000 eXtender customers from the books of Microsoft back to eOne was going to to be challenging. This was an admin challenge we were ready for – and we’ll work hard to bring some fantastic new functionality to all our customers.

To this point the process has run exceptionally smooth, but certainly not without its surprises and the odd hiccup. There are a couple of things I have addressed with a number of you individually but want to share with all our partners: 
1. Interesting Data: The extraction, formatting, reviewing and migration of the data has been fun – but a challenge I was able to attack with SmartConnect (using our own tools). All of the customer, resellers and module details are now safely inside our Microsoft CRM system and available for partners on our website. A couple of things to note: 
  1. We have had some issues with data in regards to identifying the original selling reseller, as opposed to the current reseller of record. We believe this is now accurate based on what is recorded in Microsofts systems.  If you find a customer on your renewal reports that should not be there – please make contact with renewals@eonesolutions.com and we will make corrections as quickly as possible. 
  2. The data we worked with related to the original purchase and may include customers that have previously ceased to use either GP or the eXtender module. We have done our very best to remove these customers form our imports. If you do find customers on your report that have previously chosen not to renew  – please let us know and we will remove them from your reports. Again, email renewals@eonesolutions.com.
  3. Expiry Dates: there have been a few questions in regards to the expiry dates we have on record for customers. We have based our imports on the expiry dates from Microsoft – so you can check them against your voice system.  If you find a discrepency  – again please let us know asap.
2. Global Pricing:  As an ISV we have a nice simple pricing model for all our products. It turns out that Microsoft had a much more complex regional pricing model and discount structure in place. One of the changes in the transition process will be changes to the pricing model as we revert to the eOne model. You can access the current price list here eOne Price List.  
3. SPLA: It turns out that Microsoft had been offering some massively discounted monthly pricing for the eXtender module. Microsoft Dynamics GP eXtender from eOne has a monthly SaaS price of US$145 (and other regional pricing). This is the new price that existing SPLA arrangements need to be transitioned to. For existing resellers we will work with you on a transition period but by June 30 2013 – all customers will need to have been transitioned to the new pricing. 
4. Protected Pricing: Protected pricing is not something that eOne is in a position to support, calculate or maintain. All eXtender customers will revert to having AEP calculated based on the current regional price list.  
5. Auto Bill: Any resellers that have been AutoBilled by Microsoft for AEP post the transition cutoff dates. If this is your situation then please make contact with Lauri at renewals@eonesolutions.com asap. We will set the records correctly immediately and will work with Microsoft to sort out the admin.