I have been quiet on the blog for a good few weeks but have certainly been very busy. I have just become a legal alien in the United States and given up the wonders of Sydney Australia for the good weather Fargo North Dakota.
Questioning the move: 
As I was coming through customs at LA Airport I passed my paperwork across the officer who looked at it, looked at me, read the visa documents again, looked up, paused for a long time and then said ‘This is BullXXXX’ no-one moves from Sydney to Fargo!! Why would you do that!!  This was not exactly what I needed my family to hear after a 14hr flight. 
I am excited to be here and especially excited to be working closely with the eOne team that have been doing such a great job on their own for the last 6-7 years.  Given 90% of our sales activity occurs in North America I am also excited about working directly with our partners and customers on a daily basis (without the time zone differences).
In my 9 days in Fargo the one thing I have noticed is just how friendly, kind and thoughtful the people of Fargo have been to complete strangers. My wife is currently reading a book entitled ‘How Fargo of you’ which is full of stories that highlight the great generous nature of Fargoans. This is certainly something that I hope rubs off on my two boys during our time in Fargo.   I also credit the ‘Fargo’ attitude to the success of eOne over the years. A team that has become known for always doing a great job,  always going the extra mile and making the lives of our customers and partners lives easier.
Mixing a little Australian adventure, risk taking and tenacity together with a big dose of ‘Fargo-ness’ and I am very excited about what eOne will achieve in the next couple of years.  We are actively growing our team here in Fargo and if you feel you can add to the eOne journey we would love to hear from you.  Call me and tell me why you should be part of the eOne team.      

Post Script Update

I had another Fargo moment just this afternoon. At lunch I went out for a sandwich and proceeded to leave  – with my wallet containing $200USD sitting on the table.  It was 20 minutes before I realized my mistake and returned to the sandwich shop.  I was not at all surprised to find my wallet sitting behind the counter fully intact with all its original greenbacks in place. Money aside – for a newbie to the US – losing my wallet containing my ID, brand new bank cards, SSN’s etc would have been unbelievably painful and time consuming.