The eOne team continues to expand and we are happy to introduce our latest team member to you:

Jessica Reier
Jessica eOne
Jessica joined the team in the Fargo office as our Business Manager where she will be focusing on account operations, collecting annual enhancements and all the other office management responsibilities.

Having worked in management for the last 10 years within the veterinary profession, she has grown to love the financial aspect of business. Jessica is passionate about looking for new ways to help a business grow as well as the HR side of management. She’s a firm believer that getting to know your co-workers and building strong relationships with them will result in the success of the team – and we couldn’t agree more!

In her free time she loves spending it with her family and friends, reading, traveling and participating in outdoor activities (except during the bitter Fargo winters).

All in all, she is excited for a new career change and the challenges that come with it – so join us in welcoming Jessica to the eOne team at!