eOne Website Updates. New Admin FeaturesHave you seen some of the new features on the eOne website?  If not, you’ll want to take a look!  We’ve made our website more user-friendly with the following improvements:

1.  You now have the option to create additional user logins for your account.  These users are able to do things like access registration keys and make payments online.

To add a new user, simply have your company’s admin user or an existing user sign in, go to “My Account” (top right corner of the eOne website and then select “Management”.  On the Management page, you can now register (create) a new user, view current users, deactivate users and update your user profile.


Account Managment

2.  No need to call us to print off a previous invoice!  You now have access to your paid invoices online!  

When logged into your account, go to “My Account” and select “Order History”.

Order History

You can also view quotes when you go to “My Accounts” and select “Quotes”.


3.  Need to see your full customer list with eOne?  Log into your account, go to “My Accounts”, and select “My Customers”.  Here you’ll be able to add a customer to your list or view those that already own an eOne module.

My Customers
Some other notable features are that you have the ability to access your registration keys and renewals, manage your automatic payments and payment methods.  

We’re always striving to make your online experience better and our goal is to make your customer management easier.  If you have any suggestions for features or improvements you’d like to see on our website, please send them to sales@eonesolutions.com.  We welcome your feedback!