A quick google search on term ‘GP aged trial balance’ indicates what a critical reports ATB’s for all those people that use Dynamics GP every day.

So now to share some exciting news in the world of Dynamics GP Aged Trial Balances. Please note that Trial Balances are only available inside of GP at this time. Releasing this week will be the inclusion of dynamic Aged Trial balances within eOne’s SmartView reporting tool. Let me run through a few of the things that make this an awesome addition to every Dynamics GP installation.

1. Super easy and flexible filtering: SmartView lets you filter on anything.  

  • If you look at the list above it contains many $0 balance customers. To filter these out you simply drop down and select the values you want. No need to rerun the report – just check a box.  
  • This works the same for any column of data where you can filter on those with a 30 day balance, or filter by a territory, salesperson or any other related field. Giving you a really flexible ATP on the fly.

2. Ability to Re Age your ATB: Anytime based upon any date you enter. No need to run any background GP processes – simply change the date.  

3. Auto Grouping: Auto grouping and expansion to see all the outstanding transactions in your selection. This ensures you can start with balances and drill to the details on the particular records you need to see.

4. Drill Down: To the detail in GP via the GOTo’s.
5. Grouping and totaling by any field you choose: In this example, we have grouped the ATB by SalesPerson. Subtotals are auto displayed on the screen and each group can be expanded or closed.

6. Find: CTRL F for “findlets you find any value anywhere in the ATB. 

7. Export the report to: Excel, CSV or PDF. When you export it keeps the formatting you have on screen. 

8. Cut and Paste: This is the coolest. Simply cut and paste any selection of records, sequential or not, using CTRL C and CTRL V to paste to Excel or Outlook or anywhere you choose.

Interested in learning more about SmartView? Email sales@eonesolutions.com for more!