Some of our dedicated partners have been left a little confused by recent message from Microsoft describing the Extender Opt in process.  I want to clarify a few things for everyone here in this blog regarding the transition process.

Why do we have to Opt In?
As part of the move of Extender back to eOne – Microsoft Lawyers decided that it would be a breach of privacy laws if they passed the relevant information across to eOne without specific approval. The Opt in process simply is your message to Microsoft to please tell eOne that you (or your customers) own Extender and would like that to be registered with eOne.

What Does it Mean to Opt In?
Opting in means that Microsoft will tell us that you own Extender. Microsoft will also tell us your paid up date for AEP in Extender. If you do not Opt In then you will not receive your renewal notices, will not have access to new product releases, service packs and hot fixes.

How Do we Opt In?
There are two ways to opt in.

  1.  Customers: click this link to opt in if you are a customer. You will need to know you Microsoft Account Number.
  2. Partners can opt in for an individual customer with the same link.
  3. Partner can Opt In on behalf of all their customers by sending an email to stating “please Opt in all my customers. 

Whats the Best Option?  Partners Opting in on behalf of all their customers.
Option 3 – is by far the most efficient. If you are a partner you can Complete the whole process with one simple email.

What if we do not Opt-In?
Things will not be smooth and you will be creating unnecessary admin for yourself down the track. The only way you can ensure you and your customers are current on Extender is by Opting In. If you have not opted  in and your customers falls due for maintenance – then you are in the middle of an upgrade and need new Extender reg keys – you will not have access to them  unless the customers is current.  So avoid the hassle and Opt In today.