We are happy to announce today that we are releasing SmartConnect 2017.

You can find the download for SmartConnect 2017 on the eOne Solutions download page. 


The main feature that we improved with this release is performance.  You will see some great performance gains when running many of the different maps.
Here is the complete list of the Features and Fixes included.  These are also available in the Readme and Manual available with the download

Feature List 

  • Scheduler Upgrades
  • Global Variables only initialized when running a map if they are used
  • Subsidiary Map Lines in REST connector
  • Performance Enhancements

Fix List 

  • Global variables used in SQL Command Templates get removed with Manage Variables
  • Global variables used in company definition get removed with Manage Variables
  • Global Variables used in tasks are not checked when variable is removed
  • Manage Variables removes variables that are in use in calculated fields
  • NAV maps when using Filter Fields return no columns and will error if criteria returns no records
  • Changes only maps fail to save using NAV tables
  • Post-Task Map will fail if Use variables from parent map is checked
  • Typo on Unauthorized error setting up NAV connector
  • crm.microsoftdynamics.de not supported for connecting to Dynamics 365 Online

If you are upgrading from a previous release of SmartConnect, please see the Upgrade section in the SmartConnect manual available with the download.