With Tibco announcing the end-of-life for their Scribe Insight integration products, we’re here and ready to help companies avoid downtime and transition their data affordably. 

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SmartConnect and Scribe are both integration solutions. However, they have taken very different development paths.  In SmartConnect today, each enhancement is made in both deployments (on-premise and cloud app). Conversely, Scribe built an entirely new solution in the cloud, leaving their legacy product with no roadmap and no forward strategy. If you’re not ready to upgrade to the new Scribe Cloud integration solution, we’ve got you covered.  

Start by comparing integration features that you have become accustomed to with Scribe. Explore a side-by-side comparison of features, or take a SmartConnect product tour.

Advantages to SmartConnect vs Scribe – The Smart-vantage

Included Excel add-in Allow users to push integrations to any destination from their Excel workbooks with the click of a button. No additional costs or subscriptions are required. Turn any integration into a user-driven upload from their workstation, without needing the SmartConnect application open or even installed on their machine.
Real-time triggers  Specific connections allow for true, real-time integrations where the data is pushed from the source system, rather than pulled on a scheduled process.
Connection-specific tasks and features Every connection that has been built for SmartConnect has had unique tasks and additional columns built specifically for those systems and their requirements.
Robust error handling and processing Failed records and data can be tracked and re-processed within the SmartConnect application, removing the need to go sift through the source system and separate successful and failed records.
Virtual Integration View all fields and relationships you need without needing to move, manipulate, or duplicate them.

Get access to the data right where you work. Stay in your existing ERP or CRM, and still have access to data in other apps.

You can see why thousands of companies rely on SmartConnect to integrate their Microsoft Dynamics applications. For organizations using the suite of Dynamics 365 applications, SmartConnect provides a fast, flexible, and future-proof integration product that can increase your sales and marketing efficiency, streamline your operations, and reduce costs – whether you are using one Dynamics 365 application or the entire suite.


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