What in the world did we do before this?! That was the question I found myself asking not too terribly long ago after having SmartView External (part of the SmartView Bundle) installed on our system. Well – I know the answer – in trying to get at my sales numbers, I sorted through lists of invoices in GP, cross referenced reports from outside systems, and overall spent way too much time trying to find my data. 
Enter SmartView External. 
My life suddenly got a whole lot easier. I can access my SmartLists right from my desktop, not having to worry about logging into GP and not staring at a blank screen for minutes at a time to see a simple list. From SmartView External, I can rearrange my report to group and subgroup exactly the way I want. I can see my totals on screen – without having to export to Excel and I can add as many filters as I want. Not to mention the fact that I am getting the latest info from GP. 
Last week, I traveled to New York City to visit some of our favorite partners and customers. At that time, I shared the ease of using SmartView External and told them exactly how I use it in my day to day life. I cannot begin to tell you how many customers stared in amazement after sharing with them that they can see their SmartLists without logging into GP. A common response was “you mean to tell me that I can have our managers out of GP and just give them access to this?!” Yep – exactly. 
SmartView External saves me time every single day which is why I’m passionate to share it with our customers and partners. Before I tell you the promo around SmartView, let me give you the top 5 reasons I think you may want to use it:
1. You’re a SmartList addict.
  • Replace SmartList and use SmartView instead. I’ve already told you why I use it, but take 3 minutes to see for yourself here

2. You currently use SmartList Builder. 
  • If you have created the lists you need, pulling the data from the places you need it – then view it in SmartView. It’s a whole lot easier than viewing it in SmartList.

3. You are sick of SmartList taking up your time while waiting for a list to load.
  • In an instant world, you need your lists right away. SmartView gives you just that.

4. You have a need for more than four filters on a SmartList.
  • Enough said? If you’re like me, you can use up those four allotted filters in about 10 seconds. Use SmartView and add as many filters as you want. 

5. You have way too many people in GP for the sole purpose of seeing a SmartList. 
  • Cut out the expensive user licenses and give those users access to SmartView External. 

Sound like something you could use?? 
Right now, we are offering our SmartView Internal/SmartView External bundle for $2000 + 17.5% annual maintenance. (Normally $3700 + maintenance.) Note: You need to have both SmartView Internal and SmartView External in order to use the External functionality.
When you are ready to place the order, have your partner use the coupon code SVBUNDLE in order to apply the discount. The promo ends December 31, 2013 so please place orders by that date in order to receive the discount. 
I truly hope you check out SmartView so you can take advantage of all the benefits. Want to know more? Shoot me an email: abbey.cooper@eonesolutions.com.