Note: This is an updated version of the article originally published last year. Microsoft has changed rollout dates for existing Business Central customers to this fall (2022).

If you’ve used SmartConnect to integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central, we have an important product update available that is compatible with an update Microsoft is rolling out.

The Microsoft update for Dynamics 365 Business Central

For any cloud-based/SaaS implementations of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft will be rolling out changes region by region for Dynamics 365 Business Central that will remove the ability to authenticate to their services using basic authentication or a web access key.  Moving forward, Microsoft recommends using modern authentication (OAuth authentication), which the new SmartConnect updates support.

Generally, the release wave 1 updates occur beginning in April and roll out to each region within that month. Additional information on the 2022 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Business Central can be found here.

Update: Microsoft has announced that they are now removing web access key support on October 1, 2022. 

These changes from Microsoft affect the Dynamics 365 Business Central connector in all versions of SmartConnect. 

Please note that no changes are occurring to the authentication process for the on-premise version of Dynamics 365 Business Central;  this affects online Dynamics 365 Business Central only.

Updating to a compatible SmartConnect release from eOne Solutions

In order for your cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central integrations to function properly after the Microsoft update, you’ll need to be on a version of SmartConnect that is compatible.  eOne Solutions has released updates for both SmartConnect 21 and environments.  SmartConnect 2018 will not support the new authentication method required, so users will need to upgrade to SmartConnect 21 before the Microsoft update.

Specifically, here are the recommended next steps by version:

  • If on SmartConnect 21, upgrading to SC or later will allow the new options. Available for download here.
  • If on, all the latest options are automatically available within the product. Use the documentation link below to update the connection.
  • If using SmartConnect 2018 or earlier, upgrading to SmartConnect or higher is required. The upgrade process is outlined in the product manual.

If the legacy Dynamics 365 Business Central SOAP connection is used within SmartConnect, those connections will need to be re-created and set up as an OData connection. Any integrations based on the SOAP connection will need to be re-created as well. If the OData connection is in use, the steps below can be followed to enable the new authentication method.


Follow the steps in this article for your version of SmartConnect to update the Dynamics 365 Business Central authentication to the newly supported method.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by chat, phone (+1 – 888-319-3663), or by email at  We look forward to assisting you.