This week Tibco formally announced what we have all known was coming… that most versions of Scribe Insight are being retired permanently. This comes as no surprise to the market as Scribe Insight has never found itself a comfortable place within the Tibco family.

The announcement means that those companies whose daily operations rely on Scribe Insight have been left high and dry. Tibco is trying to woo this customer group to their cloud solution, but for most, there is a sour taste after being abandoned, and those companies will be looking for a reliable and affordable alternative.

Integration is not a ‘nice to have; it has become fundamental to the operations of a business and any interruption to the business data flow can be debilitating. It is time for these companies to change integration platforms.

SmartConnect – The Alternative to Scribe Insight

The great news for all Scribe Insight customers is that there is an even better solution waiting for them – and that solution is SmartConnect from eOne Solutions. SmartConnect is a full IPAAS (integration platform as a service) solution that can be deployed both on-premise or as a cloud-based integration solution. eOne is fully committed to both our cloud and on-premise version of SmartConnect.

Long before Tibco decided to sunset Scribe Insight many customers saw the light and moved off Scribe Insight and onto SmartConnect. One of those companies is the Women’s Bean Project.

Controller Ann Davis shared feedback related to the switch:

“With SmartConnect we had much more freedom [versus Scribe] as we can create our own integrations for different systems and processes as we grow… It’s very easy to use, very intuitive, and straightforward. Plus, it’s so much faster to import large orders using SmartConnect. With Scribe, we’d upload and walk away for 30 minutes. SmartConnect accomplishes the same import in five minutes.” Read the full success story.

Additionally, she noted the cost savings versus Scribe:

“SmartConnect was cheaper without any loss of features or functionality,” she said.

SmartConnect provides all the functionality that Scribe Insight does and much more. SmartConnect is easy to use and designed for the citizen integrator. Consultants talk about being a ‘Scribe Developer’ – but there is no such thing as a SmartConnect Developer because SmartConnect is a no/low code solution that doesn’t require a developer.

World-Class Support

Software is only as good as the people that support it, and I could not be prouder of the eOne support team. We hire experts that not only know SmartConnect but are also knowledgeable regarding the software you are integrating with. This is what makes us out of our competition. We are a customer-centric organization that works diligently to guarantee our customers have integration success.

We received this message from a customer just last week

“I just wanted to let you know that Dave helped us out of a big jam today and was SUPER AWESOME AND HELPFUL!”

6 Steps to Move from Scribe Insight to SmartConnect

eOne has 300+ reselling partners and an internal team of integration experts who do nothing but deliver world-class integration. We have consultants on our team that are Scribe certified and can quickly determine: how long it will take to transition to SmartConnect, where you can make improvements to your integration processes, and identify any potential snags around migrating to SmartConnect.

Here’s our plan to make your switch to SmartConnect as seamless as possible:

  1. Free Integration Analysis: Our consultants will connect with your team to review your Scribe setup and your current integrations.
  2. We will provide a fixed-bid quote for replacing Scribe. The average cost of migrating to SmartConnect is USD 7,500.
  3. We will allow you to make changes and improvements to your current process – and introduce Virtual Integration as a component of your strategy.
  4. You select your subscription model.
  5. We will work with you or your Technology Partner to deliver your new integration platform.
  6. You go live with SmartConnect and celebrate your decision.

Request your free integration analysis + transition plan here.

SmartConnect vs Scribe Insight

Feature for feature SmartConnect matches and beats Scribe Insight.

Scribe and SmartConnect took very different development paths on their way to becoming cloud-based integration solutions. Scribe built an entirely new solution in the cloud – which left their legacy product with no roadmap and no forward strategy.

eOne decided that our existing customer base was our most important asset and that our cloud solutions would support the software that our customers were currently using. We built SmartConnect for the cloud, but every step of the way we made sure that our on-premise solution was not left behind. SmartConnect is now one single solution, based on one single code set, that can be deployed either in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid integration model across both platforms.

We have not abandoned our on-premise customers. Rather, we have invested heavily in their future. All the 300+ new features added to SmartConnect in the last 3 years are available to all our customers, regardless of deployment method.

SmartConnect does everything Scribe Insight does, and we believe it does it better. SmartConnect is a no-code integration solution that allows you to integrate anything to anything. SmartConnect has dedicated connectors for Dynamics BC, Dynamics CE, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, NetSuite, Salesforce, and Xero together with standard connections to SQL, XML, and all other file types. SmartConnect also provides a completely configurable REST API connection that ensures you can connect to every business system that you deploy.

Learn all about the features of SmartConnect here.

On-Premise, Hybrid, or in the Cloud?

This is entirely up to you. With a SmartConnect subscription, you can choose to deploy locally, in the cloud, or a little bit of both. You get dual-use rights to both our on-premise and cloud solution. The integrations you build are interchangeable and can be moved between the two deployments.

Most companies will continue to have on-premise databases and software applications for the foreseeable future. When you integrate with these systems, it makes no sense to have your integration platform in the cloud. Why would you move the data to the cloud and then back again? Many of our customers are also adopting cloud-based software as a service (SAAS) business productivity apps, and SmartConnect future proofs your integration strategy by providing a direct path to fully online integrations or a hybrid strategy.

eOne’s Virtual Integration

Many of your integrations are in place just to move data to another system just so the users there can see it. It doesn’t actually do anything – it’s just for display. The solution to this problem is virtual integration. eOne has a unique solution that allows you to display data from one system, in another system, without ever moving the data. When you transition to SmartConnect you will find that you can replace many of your integrations with virtual integration.

Adopting virtual integration will significantly reduce the moving parts of your integration strategy, while giving everyone the information they need, right within the application they work.

How much does SmartConnect cost?

You can learn all about our pricing here, but I would always suggest choosing a plan that contains unlimited support.

My message to all Scribe Insight Customers:

I would like to welcome you to eOne. We have been delivering world-class integration software for 14 years and have 7000+ customers using SmartConnect.

SmartConnect is the alternative to Scribe Insight that you are looking for. We have a team of integration experts, focused on customer success, ready to help you make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you would like to discuss your move to SmartConnect, please contact us at or me directly at